YOKKAO, interview and discount from Brad Stanton

YOKKAO, interview and discount from Brad Stanton

Brad offers 25% discount card for buying tickets for YOKKAO from him!

Brad Stanton has been making waves on the UK Muay Thai scene for some time now. We at MTBUK have been follow along his promising career for a little while now and he has gone from strength to strength!

I am writing this as a two part article really, on one hand we have had the chance to have a quick catch up with Brad about his training and how he is feeling on the run up to his fight against UK No.1 Jake Purdy on October 8th in Bolton. Two words spring to mind…


It is the date that most if not all fight fans have in their calendars, if they don’t it’t only because they have other commitments and cant’t make it, everyone else ought to have that date on their calendars.

The second reason this article is coming at you is because Brad has teamed up with Shooters Sports Bar, Bierkeller and Around the World Cocktail Bar to get you exclusive deals should you buy your YOKKAO tickets from him.

If you buy tickets for YOKKAO from Brad you will receive a 25% discount card for all of the above places, which will get you discount on a wide range of products with each of the brands. Now this isn’t just in Leeds, this is wherever you are in the UK. If you have a Bierkeller, Around the World Cocktail Bar or Shooters Sports bar near you then you can take advantage of it for simply buying your tickets from him.

Tp get the tickets from him just drop him a message Facebook or Twitter and he will hook you up!

Now to the interview:

MTBUK: Hi Brad, Hows training going?
Brad: “Hi Dom, training is great, I’m getting in some naughty work in the ring in between the night classes and private lessons. On top of that my strength and conditioning..Knowing that I have over three weeks to go I’m good with where I am at the moment.”

MTBUK: Is there a plan that Jompop and the team have you working on for Jake?
Brad: “We train hard and we train smart. We leave no stone unturned, we leave nothing to chance.”

MTBUK: What would taking the win home mean to you?
Brad: “Taking the win, I don’t really think about winning. I just make sure I fight to the highest level I can perform at. If your talking about the win, I don’t want jinx it. I don’t want to sound arrogant as that’s just not the image I want to portray. For Kiatphontip, for The Stanton Team, for my family, for my future it’s all I think in the ring and how I need to do my best.”

MTBUK: There are a few of the Kiatphontip lads, Steve Long and Jersey Pinto fighting alongside you on Yokkao, how does it make you feel having your teammates by your side on the biggest show in the UK?
Brad: “As speaking for Kiatphontip as one, we are a family and we work together, we laugh together, we encourage and motivate each other. I feel that we’ve been around for a while now and it’s OUR TIME! We have trained hard and plodded on, but now this is a big show and big for the uk Muay Thai scene. This is team Kiatphontip providing a golden generation in not only uk but worldwide Muay Thai.”

MTBUK: Any final thanks to anyone?
Brad: “I want to say thank you for the opportunity to giving this interview and thank you to team Katphontip for the life I’ve had up to now. Big thanks to all my sponsors! Remember to drop me a message for your ticket to The best uk show! #TheStantonTeam”

I have spoken to Brad before after his fight at the Tankō Main Event a little earlier this year. We do wish Brad the very best on his upcoming fight against Jake Purdy. Don’t forget to head over to his Facebook of Twitter and ask him for tickets to YOKKAO for a 25% discount card to Shooters Sports Bar, Bierkeller and Around the World Cocktail Bar!

Until then, you can watch the interview we did with him before right here:

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