YOKKAO 19 & 20 – Results and Video

YOKKAO 19 & 20 – Results and Video

So with the dust now settling on YOKKAO 19 & 20 and what can only be described as ‘a huge success,’ ‘a night that will not be forgotten,Brian Calder and the team have yet again smashed all of our expectations!

I spent my time there as a spectator, not as a reporter and I took great pleasure in just sitting and watching the fights. From the undercard which is named ‘YOKKAO Next Generation’ right through to the main events of both YOKKAO 19 & 20, each of the fights were incredibly matched and every one of the fighters put on an amazing display for the fans.

Mr. Calder isn’t someone who takes the foot off the gas, he has already been dropping hints and statuses on Facebook about the next one saying lines like:

Sorry I can’t count, I meant to say 2 fight’s sorted for 25th March and there HUGE as per”

Make that 6, this will be best event we have ever did, watch this space it’s spectacular”

“I have told you all too much already, last thing I will say on it is that it is already way better than Saturdays event, trust me it’s HUGE, tickets on sale this week, you wont want to miss this it’s outrageous to say the very least”

YOKKAO 19 & 20
Fabio and Liam having words after their fight at YOKKAO 19

I keep asking myself how can he possibly top YOKKAO 19 & 20 but already Muay Thai fans have been putting 25th March in their calendars and already booking the hotel. So I wouldn’t hesitate in getting your rooms booked if you plan on making the journey down as this is bound to be another sell out show!

Here are the results from the weekend:

YOKKAO 20 Results

Jordan Watson won by points against Ben Hodge
Manachai YOKKAOSAenchaiGym won by points against Panicos Yusuf
Jake Purdy won by points lost Brad Stanton
Amy Pirnie 2nd round stoppage against Ludivine Lasnier
Nathan Bendon lost by points vs. Jack Kennedy
Myk Estlick won by points vs. Carlos Campos

YOKKAO 19 Results

Liam Harrison lost by points vs. Fabio Pinca
Chris Shaw won by points against Jersey Pinto
Charles Sikwa won by points vs Darren Howieson
Owen Trykowski lost by points against Adi Woods
Steven Long 4th round stoppage against Daniel Jedrzejewski

YOKKAO 19 & 20
Jordan ‘Quadzilla’ Watson vs Ben Hodge at YOKKAO 20

Joe Craven 4th round stoppage against Robbie Collins
Lewis Tams lost by vs Arthur Solaya
Spencer Brown won by points vs Louis Lee Scott
Stuart Stabler won by points vs Dylan Hardy
Isaac Taylor-Green won by points vs Joshua Hill
Charlie Simpson lost by points vs Jack Jarvis

Every single one of these fighters did themselves, the sport, their gyms and all of the spectators proud and win or lose they should be able to sleep at night knowing that they were part of a fantastic show that only seems to be going from strength to strength.

The fight of the night for me would have to be Nathan Bendon vs Jack Kennedy – that fight was incredible from start to finish. Both of the fighters put on an amazing display of Muay Thai and they both showed amazing heart. I saw a picture of Jack’s shin the day after, quoting “Block low-kicks they said…” it looked like a tennis ball under his skin! Another special mention for me would be Steve Long and Myk Estlick, both showed that they deserve to be where they are, on the forefront of UK Muay Thai.

Hopefully I will be working the next one. Reporting on the show and getting some interviews conducted until then, I will keep you guys up to date with what is happening with the show and also leave this little gem here for you too, a live video from Facebook that shows Manachai vs Panicos and also Ben Hodge vs Jordan Watson. This video already has 51k views… Enjoy!

(Credit to YOKKAO and Michael Howarth for the photos used in the article


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