YOKKAO 18 – Jordan Watson vs Sanny Dahlbeck

YOKKAO 18 – Jordan Watson vs Sanny Dahlbeck

YOKKAO 18 – Jordan Watson vs Sanny Dahlbeck

YOKKAO 70kg World title – full fight

So the most recent video to hit the tinterweb and almost break it, is the releasing of the YOKKAO 18 main event – Jordan Watson vs Sanny Dahlbeck for the 70kg YOKKAO world title. YOKKAO are very well known within the Muay Thai world for putting on a spectacular show for the fight fans.

YOKKAO 17 & 18 was no different. YOKKAO 17 saw Liam Harrison take on Tetsuya Yamato for the 65kg YOKKAO world title as the main event full fight video here. YOKKAO 18 was an incredible card and the main event for it met everyone’s high expectations!

This fight was a rematch. All or nothing. It meant a great deal to Jordan who trained incredibly hard for this spending time at the YOKKAO training centre in Bangkok and training with some of the best trainers in the world, spending time clinching with the likes of Saenchai and kicking pads with Kru Manop.

Sanny beat Jordan last time round, in what looked like a one sided fight last time. Jordan tired quite early on and Sanny took advantage of that and took the win. Jordan knew that, you could see that he

YOKKAO 18 action shot
YOKKAO 18 action shot!

was disappointed with his performance and he made a point of coming back better, stronger, fitter this time round. That he did.

What a fantastic spectacle of Muay Thai this fight is. It definitely has a runner in the ‘Fight of the Year’ award. I will stop rambling and let you judge the fight for yourself. You will see them both leave everything in the ring. Both absolute warriors and Vinnie Shoreman has it right when he says in the commentary “If I had a hat on, I would take it off!” They deserve that and more. A massive well done to both of the fighters, they did amazing and well done to the YOKKAO team for putting on such a fantastic show back in March.

Jordan has already been matched up to defend his world title in October against another one of the UK’s finest Reece McAllister. You can see our write up here. A huge congratulations to Brian Calder the promoter of YOKKAO, Stefania Picelli YOKKAO key person and a shout out to Jack Bolam who heads up the YOKKAO UK team.




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