Warrior Collective with Andy Howson – Create openings from low kick

Andy Howson with Warrior Collective – Create openings from low kick

So, for those of you who don’t know who Andy Howson is you can find out more about his gym, Science of 8 here with an interview MTBUK did with him last year. You can see him here working with Stuart Tomlinson’s Warrior Collective and his assistant coach Oskar Rodziewicz at his gym which is located in Birmingham. 

They are giving a tutorial on how to create different openings by using the leg kick as an opening. Setting up different techniques using the low kick by luring your opponent into thinking that you are coming through with an attack when actually, you are thinking and planning something else totally different. Howson, like his cousin Liam Harrison, loves the low kick.

Warrior Collective

It shows how you can open up the opportunity to step in with the elbow, a knee and one that I personally, would never have thought about; a chance to send them flying to the canvas. Initially setting up the opening by sending in the low kick on an upward angle and not swinging your leg out and completely committing to the attack. You still want power but speed, in this occasion, is more important. On the second time round you are hoping for them to check the attack, if they don’t, great! A free kick!

After they have checked it though, it means that they have switched onto it and next time, you have to think about something different which is what Howson runs through on this tutorial video. I really enjoyed watching this video, as much as, I am sure, that Oskar enjoyed repeatedly taking a leg kick from Howson in filming this video!

Give it a watch and find out how to set up and create different opportunities by using the low kick.

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