Victory Promotions presents: Battle of the North II – A true battle of the North!

Victory Promotions presents: Battle of the North II – A true battle of the North!

Victory Promotions is a North East based promotion that gives fighters a stage to fight, show case their talent and also give them exposure to thousands of fight fans around the world. The idea of Victory Promotions was conceived when Sergio Redrado, lead promoter wanted to give fighters what they deserved; an environment where they are well looked after and a stage that they can make a name for themselves on.

The first show was a success, with a North East title won, international opponents came and made their name known with a killer knockout and blood baths to boot! Since last June, Victory Promotions has been busy making this next show even better. With a team of two behind him, Sergio, has made together a card that will impress spectators on every level.

The main event for the event is an international fight; Keith McLachlan (3x WBC Champion) will take on Isaac Araya (WMC Spanish Champion) in a Full Thai Rules bout spanning five three minute rounds. The main card is stacked with talent spanning the North East and Europe with fighters making their was over from Portugal to compete. Luis Saint’Anna who, on the previous show, knocked out Chris Thirkell in impressive fashion with a huge right hand that landed flush on the jaw of the unsuspecting Thirkell.

The team have all worked hard for this show and are looking on to putting on an event that will put the North East on the map for combat sports. The night is comprised of Muay Thai and K1 ranging from C-Class right through to A-class and Semi-Pro to Pro K1. There are a very limited amount of tickets available on the door due to returns but other than that, the Scotswood Sports centre will be at full capacity.

MTBUK will be going live for the main card of the event so make sure you head over to the facebook page to make sure you can watch the fights you want to watch. If there is one in particular you want to see, let me know on the Facebook page and I will do my best go live for the ones you want to see.

Here you can see the weigh ins from yesterday:


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