Victory Promotions – Battle of the North

Victory Promotions – Battle of the North

A new promotion is here:

Victory Promotions is set to be on 25th June at the Scottswood Sports Center in Newcastle upon Tyne. It is the first of its type and the promoter of the show Sergio has some fantastic fights lined up for everyone!

Victory Promotions Presents Battle of the North! What a groundbreaking promotion it is set to be. They are already making waves with what they have planned. They recently released their first bout on Facebook about their upcoming event in June.

The first fight is set to be a cracker! Fireworks are bound to go off at this one!! It is for a Northern area title and the two fighters that will be competing for the title are Kevin Carr of Jai Suu and he will be up against Gary Laws of Northern Kings.

Gary Laws announced for Victory Promotions
UK ranked fighter Gary Laws

Both fighters are experienced fighters and will bring everything they have got to the ring and will be sure to leave it in there! Both Gary and Kevin fought on DUEL at the weekend and both lost their bouts and I am sure that they will be out to prove a point come June!

I will be hopefully working with Victory, they mentioned something about it when I saw them last so it might be that it gets streamed but all this is in the pipeline for all you lovely readers!!

Kevin Carr announced for Victory Promotions
Kevin Carr of Jai Suu gym

Who do you think will win? Will Gary come back with a vengeance or will Kevin let the beast loose? Let us know below!

Until then, head over to their Facebook page to keep up to date with their releases or you can subscribe to us here at Muay Thai Blog and keep up to date that way too!!

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