UKMF (UK Muaythai Federation)- Junior Championships and App info

UKMF (UK Muaythai Federation)- Junior Championships and App info

UKMF (UK Muaythai Federation)- Junior Championships and iPhone/Android App info

Muay Thai Blog recently published a guest post from UK No.1 Juan Cervantes covering the importance of the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) World Championships, the UKMF and the links they have with the International Olympics Committee (IOC). I would definitely suggest that you read about Juan’s experiences by clicking on the link here. This will give the background of what I will cover in this article because I won’t delve too deep into the ins and outs of the importance of taking part in the IFMAs because Juan does a pretty good job of explaining how the growth of Muay Thai is very much influenced by the development of the art of 8 limbs in to the mainstream.

That’s the aim right? Funding from the big dogs, showing the sport on Sky, BT Sport, Eurosport and all the other top sports channels and not just the live streams and dodgy iPhone recordings that we are very much accustomed to. It is achievable. The UKMF are the only governing body in the UK that have direct links to these and this is what has brought us to where we are today. Me writing this.

ukmf Junior Championsips
All of the information needed regarding the UKMF Junior Championships

I am a firm believer that the UK has some INCREDIBLE talent stored away on our little island and using the correct channels to showcase the abilities that we have is fundamental to the growth of Muaythai and gaining the recognition that we and the sport deserves. What I am about to say is what I have actually spoke with Juan about on a number of occasions.

In the next few years the competition in the UK is going to get greater and greater. Juan said that he will probably be in the last generation of fighters that will be able to start training later in life and be in with a good chance of making it to the top of the game because now, we have the younger generation that have been training since they were very young, honing their skillset and sharpening their tools, then when they are old enough to turn pro they will have years of ring experience behind them and will be able to compete with the best in the world.

The junior championship in the UK will be on the 3rd June as you can see from the poster above. Which will give the juniors a chance to compete in the tournament in August in Thailand. There will also be a one off opportunity for adults to compete in the adult championships on the 2nd August in Knutsford for people to compete to be in a chance of competing at the IFMAs in Mexico next year. Again, this is an opportunity like no other. Why would you not want to take part in something so prestigious?!

The UKMF’s website has recently been through a re-vamp to look much more modern and they have also recently released an application for both android and iOS for people to register their interest in the championships and purchase their licences which will enable them to be entered into which tournament they would like!

The deadline to register for the UKMF Junior Championships is 27th May (3 days from point of publishing this article) and this will give all participants the chance to compete in the IFMA finals in Bangkok in August this year! There will be more info regarding the adult championships coming out very soon and Muay Thai Blog will be releasing that as soon as it is out there. Be a part of the change. Be a part of Team GB and represent our fantastic country on a global scale!

Links available for more info and registration

The below links will give you all the information you need to be able to enter your juniors into the championships and REALLY be in for a chance of going to the motherland of Muaythai to compete with some of the best juniors in the WORLD.

Facebook –
iTunes –
Android –

So no matter where your loyalties lie in terms of technological preferences you are able to access the information you need, whether you are an individual or gym owner with a clan of juniors you would like to enter you are able to use the avenues provided to gain the required knowledge to make an informed decision and one that could potentially change your life!

This is an opportunity that no one should pass up on. If we all want the sport to grow and be mainstream with some REAL funding from the government and other big corporations, prime time TV slots then THIS is the way forward. This is a real chance for us all to come together to really push Muaythai to where we all want it to be.

If my son was old enough (he is only 2) I would be at the front of the line to entering him in to compete for such a chance. If he has an interest in Muaythai (which he will :D) he will definitely be given this golden opportunity to truly compete with the best!

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