TTME Quick overview

TTME Quick overview

TTME is now over!

Well, that was interesting! Now that I am back to the hotel and had time reflect on what had happened, it was a good event. I must say I was a little bit nervous about the whole experience as it was the first thing that MTBUK had ever done like this. It was such a fantastic opportunity to have and one that I must thank Tankō for giving me!

I was welcomed into the VIP section with my ‘Media Pass’ that got me access a ringside table with a three course meal. Beers a plenty with complimentary wine also. The show was yet to start before I got there so I got settled and began my journey. The Tanko Main Event is delivering a fantastic card that is set to astonish.

It is supported by a full undercard with junior fights and also B-Class bouts. The set up of the show is brilliant. The ring is right in the middle of the arena with the walk out heading from the back of the huge space.

It has an impressive light set-up with pyrotechnics and fireworks; all set to put on a good display of showmanship and make it an exciting watch for the spectators. I got chance to have a wander around with the VIP’s and saw a few familiar faces. The media pass gave me access to the full floor, the press room and assisted access to backstage.

The set up as a complete product was very well, the arena room that it was held in was massive, the ring was at the back side of the hall with the VIP section right next to the ring and then behind that was the general floor.

The main card the TTME was a brilliant card. I enjoyed watching as much as I could, the Pan and Keith fight was brilliant, Pan was just a bit too much for Keith but Keith did take the fight on just a couple of weeks’ notice. Andrew Lofthouse lost against Shane Farquharson and a shocking turn of events. Reece McAllister put up a good fight against Fabio but unfortunately it just wasn’t enough.

The fighters I got to interview are:

  1. Reece McAllister
  2. Fabio Pinca
  3. Panicos Yusuf
  4. Keith McLachlan
  5. Shane Farquharson
  6. Andrew Lofthouse
  7. Dakota Ditcheva
  8. Brad Stanton

All of which I intend to get out as soon as I can. I would like to say a massive congratulations to all the fighters involved in TTME because you all did so very well! A full write up will follow and until then keep your eyes peeled as I will be filtering out the results on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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