Tony Cunningham (Millennium Home show) interview

Tony Cunningham interview

Tony answers a few questions for MTBUK

So MTBUK reached out to Tony Cunningham the promoter of The Millennium Home show that is happening this weekend in Blyth. We will be there covering the event, interviewing fighters and doing the rounds, keeping people up to date via social media.

Tony has been a pleasure to deal with as he has been fantastically accommodating for MTBUK and we look forward to working with him come the night of the show. In the previous article we touched upon the preparation that has been going into the event and the run down of who is fighting etc.

You can find the full article here. This article is just a quick one to post the interview that we did with Tony about how his preparation is going and what the challenges he has had to overcome as promoter and coach. It can never be easy putting on such a big show with so many of his fighters on.

Keeping everyone training hard and consistently while having everything to sort out for the show as a whole. It must be crazy, I look forward to delving a little further into it when I meet him again at the weekend.

The event is going to be cracking with some fantastic international bouts and some brilliant local lads fighting in the K-1 rule-set. MTBUK would normally follow Muay Thai but I am quickly coming to realise that Muay Thai and K-1, in the UK, tend to walk hand in hand (somewhat.)

I hope you enjoy the interview, it is only a quick one. I will be posting some of the Millennium lot training on Instagram over these next couple of days in the run up to the show this weekend. Read the preview article for more information on how to get tickets and who is fighting!


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