The Tankō Main Event 14th May

The Tankō Main Event 14th May

The Tankō Main Event Preview

A preview for The Tankō Main Event 14th May 2016

The Tankō Main Event: There is talking happening within the UK Muay Thai scene about the upcoming event, I’d even go so far to say that people from all over the world are looking forward to next weekend. MTBUK will be there covering the event, I will be going ‘live’ on my Facebook so make sure you head over and like the page to be able to watch it.

I honestly don’t really know where to start with this, I guess the first fight I should talk about is the main event of the evening. It is Reece McAllister vs Fabio Pinca for the 67kg ISKA World title. What a fight this is going to be. This past year has been an exciting one for Reece gaining wins across the board and becoming the Top King world champion he is now getting ready for one of the biggest challenges of his career.

I had a quick catch up with Reece about his prep for this one and what he things The Tankō Main Event are doing for the sport: “This fight is probably one of if not the biggest fight of my career. I know it’s going to be tough but I’m more than ready for the challenge. My camp has been great for this fight I have trained super hard can’t wait to just get in the ring now. They (TTME) are promoting the sport massively and doing a great job at it also they are putting some amazing matches together that is great for the fans to see and what everyone wants to see. Yeah this camp has been a little different, we always have a game plan for each fight, which we do for this fight but I have lived like a monk for this fight; just training, eating and sleeping. I always train very hard but this camp I have made sure there is nothing else I could have done. It’s is always great to have the support of my fans and my family as they give me a massive drive and without them shows like this would not be happening so massive thank you to all of them for there support.”

The Tankō Main Event
Reece McAllister vs Fabio Pinca ISKA 67kg World title

I always enjoy catching up with Reece, he is such a down to earth guy who always has time for you. I will enjoy meeting him again and interviewing him after his fight next week. Another fight that has been floating around social media has been the recent announcement of the change to the line up for Panicos Yusuf, who was initially meant to be taking on Thai opponent Kongsak but due to entrance to the UK issues the promoters had no choice but to find Panicos another opponent. What better opponent to take on Pan than Scottish superstar and UK No.1 at his weight Keith McLachlan. Panicos has trained brilliantly hard for this upcoming bout. He has spent some time in Singapore at the ‘Evolve MMA Gym’ which is owned by the famous Chatri Sityodtong and has some of the most famous trainers training people there you can check them all out here. Panicos did an interview with Evolve about his time there and I will post it at the bottom of the post for you to watch after.

Keith had a fantastic year last year, fighting a total of five times taking the win on each one of them. This year he started with another win over Irish opponent Aaron O’Callaghan for the WBC International championship belt and upon having a chat with Keith his is hungrier than ever to come down to Bolton and take the win.

Keith is, again, a down to earth, humble guy who always is willing to answer any questions you may have. I reached out to Keith and he said this: “I think The Main Event team are putting on another great show. Of course, we all want to see UK Muay Thai on mainstream TV but at the moment its not happening. With shows and the production levels of TTME to match the big Dutch and Japanese shows then we have more chance of the next generation getting there. On being called upon as a late stand in again, well it gets to me a bit because I think I’m good enough to get a shout for the original line ups but some promoters only 13161714_671522056319107_6917714398714146126_oseem to come calling when they’re stuck, like its a case of “call the daft Scot he’ll take it.” That said, I’m very happy to be on the show again and hopefully people might see that I am actually not too bad at the old punchy kicky stuff lol. Stepping in to fight Panicos was a difficult decision for me because I was good friends with Liam Robinson and, although me and Pan were matched before on YOKKAO just before Liam’s passing, Liam told me he wasn’t keen on the match up. So I spoke a few people, one of them being Pan, and I decided that it is a fight that should happen. What better way to honor Liam’s memory than to have the last fight he had matched for Panicos. The trash talk was all a bit of carry on, don’t let that make you think that we’re going to be in there tickling each other. Its a contest and we both want to prove we’re the best.”

Thank you Keith for taking the time to answer a few questions for me. Keith went pretty much viral when a video of him blew up on social media when he dropped a devastating elbow on his opponent on the Oran Mor show last year. It was very early in the second round and this elbow just came out of nowhere! The video will be at the bottom of the post for you to watch, it gained 48,000 views on Facebook within a few hours!

Not only are these two of the most exciting fights that have ‘fight of the year’ potential, but there are more fantastic fights lined up with the likes of Brad Stanton making an appearance against Hakim el Cadi, Dakota Ditcheva is taking on Emma Bragg, Jack Kennedy will be facing Mark Skeer and Andrew Lofthouse will take on the newly appointed Shane Farquharson. Andy was initially set to take on fellow Manc Myk Estlick but due to a last minute injury he had no other choice to withdraw from the fight. Shane is still very much a worth opponent of which I am sure that Andy will have had to do some last minute prep to tweak his plan. There are many more fights that I could go through but the full line-up is below if you would like to check them all out. The Tankō Main Event is supported by a full undercard of Muay Thai bouts. It is set to be an a fantastic event, one that I am very pleased to have the opportunity to cover!


Full Line-up (in no particular order)

ISKA 67kg World title Reece McAllister vs Fabio Pinca
Keith McLachlan vs Panicos Yusuf
Brad Stanton vs Hakim el Cadi
Andrew Lofthouse vs Shane Farquharson
Dakota Ditcheva vs Emma Bragg
Mark Skeer vs Jack Kennedy
Leyton Collymore vs Jack Maguire
Jacob Smith vs Craig Jackson
Scott Stewart vs Steven Gregory
Matthew van Leirop vs Lewis Tams
Robbie Collins vs Glyn Blackburn
Dilwyn Jones vs Artur Saladiak
Jordan Trainor vs Liam Brennan
Stefan Sheridan vs Kieran Adamson
Stuart Stabler vs Leon Fletcher
Harvey Thornton vs Lewis Davies
Adam Homer vs Jordan Nadeem

What a brilliant line-up, one that I am sure will be talked about for a very long time! The Tankō Main Event always steps it up each time and bringing the spectators a night of entertainment with pyrotechnics, lights and a bar too! It is going to be hosted in Bolton at the USN arena you can head over to the Tankō website and get your tickets directly from them here.

Until then who are you most looking forward to seeing? Who do you think will take fight of the night? Let us know in the comments below!

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