Serendipity is a wonderful thing. Who would like a visit?

Serendipity is a wonderful thing. Who would like a visit?

So last week saw the return of Fat Lad to Northern Kings. It’s funny how things work out and begin working out the way they should. I had messaged Craig last week to set a time to have a little sit-down and look at this year. We are already in March now which means I have already wasted the first quarter of the year.

No more! Just after I had set a date and time to meet Craig, I got a text from someone asking if I fancied fighting again in July. Muay Thai in a cage! Obviously I was quick to say yes! But would that text have come through had I not set the meeting with Craig?

I find it mad how things work out. So naturally the meeting with Craig went well and we discussed a couple of things, the direction of Fat Lad, Muay Thai Blog, fighting etc. I hadn’t seen him since my fight in December so it was good to have a catch up.

I am in a much better position this time round to really delve deep into fight camp and I plan on doing things that I had hoped to do with Fat Lad the first time round. This time, things are a little different. I am a long ranger. I am no longer affiliated with anyone and am doing it to share the journey and insights into what it takes to lose weight, get fighting fit and make better, more positive life decisions.

I will be looking to visit some fighters around the UK to have a session and train with some of the best fighters the UK has. This will enable me to show a little snippet of how some of the best fighters in the sport train. I have already lined up a visit to Scotland (i aren’t saying anymore just yet) on the run up to the fight but it would be great if I could line up some visits and get some training in with some of the UK’s best.

It’s still very early but now would be a fantastic time to get into a good solid routine, begin getting the weight down and tightening things up. I got a picture took on Saturday and I look rather rounded compared to what I did back in December. I can’t quite believe that it has been as good as 4 months since I fought. It just goes to show how important it is to maintain the healthy lifestyle post goal acquisition.

Set new goals and move towards them, dont stagnate and then let yourself slip! It’s my birthday today but I celebrated with my boys and family yesterday, I ate shit loads of food and even had a few whiskys with the view of breaking good this week onwards.

I’m going to go now, but if you would like to have a visit from me, we can get some training in together, film it and do a bit on social to share what we’ve been up to… because if you didn’t post it on social, did it even happen?

Fat Lad… Out!!

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I'm Dom. I am a lover of all things Muay Thai related. I have ran MTBUK since 2015 when it was conceived and plan on making MTBUK the 'go to' place for all things related to the Science of 8 Limbs. I have been writing for a little while now and hope you enjoy the content I put out here for you! Drop me a line and say hi!

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