SO8 Promotions: Next Generation Results and Review

SO8 Promotions: Next Generation Results and Review

Science of 8 Promotions presents ‘Next Generation’

Show review

I don’t even know where to start. To say that Science of 8 Promotions: Next Generation was a success would be a massive understatement. The quality of the matches were awesome and that shone through with the crowd’s reception.

I arrived at about 2.15 and there were still plenty more people to arrive and the last minute preps to be done. I had a very brief chat with Andy and he was very excited about it all coming together and him putting on the show. Towards the end of the show the venue was full with all the VIP tables and ringside jam packed full of fight fans.

The show was slightly delayed in starting, it was nearer 4pm before Mark and Ben opened the show. When I had a read through the fight card there were a couple of fights that stood out for me and sure enough they delivered. The two Pro-Am rule fights were very enjoyable. I do like Pro-Am rules; I think if there were more fights under them rules it would give people a chance to fight full Thai rules but with the protection to make sure they don’t get really hurt.

There was a sea of Muay Thai royalty at the show, Liam Harrison, Kieran Keddle, Jesse Saunders, Brian Calder, Keith McLachlan, Andy Thrasher and loads loads more. It was a shame that I didn’t get to do the rounds and have a catch up with them all but I wasn’t feeling too good after one too many the night before and just wanted to sit and watch the fights.

Fight of the night

SO8 Promotions
Sam Gough and his cuts

The fight of the night for me had to be Sam Gough vs Adelino Boa Morte. These two were absolute
warriors. Same got cut early on in the first round but came back and took each round with ease. Sam looks like an absolute monster in the clinch and his kicks were ringing through the venue like a whip cracking.

He looked very strong with all aspects of his game did Sam, the Portuguese just couldn’t o anything to hurt him. I can’t remember which round it was but Adelino tried a fancy spinning back kick which, if landed would have been devastating but it was way off target. It was funny to see both of the fighters reaction to it because they both knew it was a good one!


Mark Nelson (Bad Co) Vs Ben Conlan (Shin2Chin) 40kgs JNR – Mark Nelson wins unanimous decision points
Arvin Gill (SO8) Vs Lewis Munro (Griphouse) 30kgs JNR – Arvin wins by unanimous decision
Karl Peers (Optimum) Vs Leon Fairclough (KaoLoi) 47kgs JNR – Leon wins unanimous decision
Pierce O’Hagan (SO8) Vs Frankie Mulley (Double K) 37kgs JNR – Pierce wins by unanimous decision
Reggie (Shinkick) Vs Bad (Kiatphontip) 30kgs JNR – Bad wins unanimous decision
Reuben Panton (SO8) Vs Reece Mclachlan (Griphouse) 30kgs JNR – Reuben wins unanimous decision
Callum Marriott (MMTA) Vs Jaiden Harradine (Double K) 30kgs JNR – Jaiden wins unanimous decision
Ivan Harvat (OMMA) Vs Frankie Murrey (Unit 5) 80kgs C class – Head kick knockout! Ivan wins
Tara (SO8) Vs Sarah Stuart (ACC) 47kgs C class – Draw
Sid Claudel (Double K) Vs Corey Mclachlan (Griphouse) 48kgs Pro Am – Corey McLachlan wins unanimous decision
Oskar Rodziewicz (SO8) Vs Joe Turner (Shinkick) 54.5kgs Pro Am – Joe turner wins unanimous decision
ICO INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE 66.5kgs Danny H-Little (Legions) Vs Justin Greskiewicz (USA) A class – Danny wins by split decision
 Sam Gough (Shinkick) Vs Adelino Boa Morte (Portugal) A class – Sam wins unanimous decision
MAIN EVENT ICO WORLD TITLE 56.5kgs Daniel McGowan (MMTA) Vs Ja Kiatphontip (Thailand) – Ja wins unanimous decision 


SO8 Promotions
Danny, Dave and Al after his ICO Intercontinental win.

All in all Andy ought to be very proud with what he accomplished with SO8 Promotions: Next Generation. The fights were incredibly well matched and the venue was big enough with facilities (toilets, bar, food etc) very easily accessed. The one thing that would have made it a bit better, in my opinion, would be if it was held on a Saturday which would give people a chance to go out after or rest up before making the journey back home.

Other than that, for me, the show was seamless. It was very well put together and Andy should definitely be proud of himself and the team of fighters he has coming through SO8 at the monment. He had 5 fighters on the show; three wins, a draw and a loss so a fantastic result for his team.

I had a chance to catch up with him today (the day after the event) to see if he would like to say a special mention to anyone and also get his thoughts about how he thought the event went: “I just want to thank all the supporters for taking time to come out and support my show and all the fighters, unfortunately the Saturday was taken so we had no choice but to do the show on Sunday which was a massive risk to be totally honest.
As it is, the show was a huge success and I couldn’t be happier about it! It ran smooth and over and done with by 9pm so nobody really getting home too late. I need to say a huge thank you to all my guys and gals at Science Of 8, who was there with me in the morning helping set up the venue and making it look as great as it did.
My business partners Shiv Gill and Richard Panton who are always there to help out with anything needed I’m so lucky to have these 2 guys around me. A huge thanks to my old man, Big G, Graham Howson who came down to help out setting up and enjoy the show but ended up been a taxi driver for me all weekend. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.
And obviously a huge thanks to all the fighters and gyms involved it’s the fighters who made the show the success it was so a big thanks to the fighters and there coaches and most importantly to thank all the judges and officials Pete spensley and his crew and most of all my gym and show sponsors Sandee. Roll on the next show now, all will be revealed in the next few weeks.”

I look forward to catching up with Andy again soon and getting back down to SO8 to blow away some of these cobwebs, you should definitely check out his Facebook page for both SO8 Muay Thai Gym and also SO8 promotions to be able to keep up to date and watch out for the fight videos.

I caught glimpses of the fights, so feel free to head over to the MTBUK Facebook page and check then out and share them, they were only of the main events. Thanks to Andy for having us down. It was an awesome show and I am vey much looking forward to the next one!

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