Progress is being made… We’re less than two weeks out now

Progress is being made… We’re less than two weeks out now

Well, ding dong! Progress progress progress. I seem to be talking a lot about this recently. How important it is to always be making small steps towards an overall goal. This weekend I spent the time not with my family, eating comfort food and hot chocolate. But working hard in the gym and with friends getting the work put in. 

In just under two weeks’ time I endeavour to put myself up against my biggest challenge to date. I know that this is generally the case when it comes to fighters posting status’ on Facebook.

“Feeling fit and strong,” “Camps gone good, opponent better be ready,” and the best one “biggest challenge to date, need support on this one.” Being new to fighting (5 deep now, still new haha). That being said, I have put myself in a position to be tested not only once, but twice in one night!

A 4-man tournament. Up to now, my fights have been C-Class. This time around it will be under Pro-am rules. This is a step up for me. Both in terms of competition and ability. I feel more than ready to get in there at this point. 

I was watching the documentary made by K1ANOOP about Haggerty just before he got out to ONE to challenge Rodtang for the second time. It was great to watch and get a small insight in to the work and discipline that goes into making the sacrifices and progress that not many get to make. 

He spoke about having belief and confidence in yourself and how that will drive you farther than any other kind of motivation. The friends and training partners I am surrounded by at the moment are doing a great job in pushing me to strive further. Achieve more and do better.

Did you know? Tickets to my next fight are available in the shop!

We have been visiting Millpit on a Sunday where we train smart, play spar and do some drilling. If you would like to get in on the action then search ‘Spar Society’ and join in on the fun!

In that group, we will be sharing any photos/videos we capture on the days we train as well as arrange times and places for people to train. You can also use it as a tool to connect with people in your area that may be available to train.

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