Podcasts reviewing 2019, 5 fights and looking to 2020 & an interview with Dani Fall

Podcasts reviewing 2019, 5 fights and looking to 2020 & an interview with Dani Fall

I recently got two podcasts published. One reviewing 2019 and looking forward to 2020. Reflecting on the 5 fights I’ve had and the plans for training over Christmas too.

I also got the interview I did with Dani Fall up too, which I recorded back in March (I’m so sorry Dani). I completed it in September and didn’t post it until December, what a disgrace haha.

I hope you manage to get to know Dani a little bit, like I did, she’s a great person and works really hard. Love the reapers vibe man, proper fighters gym, it’s class.

Anyway, thought I’d posts the links here to Spotify where you can follow and be kept up to speed with the podcast. One of my goals for 2020 is to record my live Q&A session on instagram in the morning and cut the audio and post it onto the podcast as well as IGTV and maybe YouTube too.

It’s good fun and you should come and join in it, weekdays I go live from about 7.50-8.00am and chat until I get to work. Get a good hour or so in so it’s a good opportunity to have a chat on your way to work or something.

If you want to tune in follow me and turn on your notifications of live videos so you don’t miss out, that would be greatly appreciated and you’d also see all my content more regularly too haha

I’ll drop the Spotify links below but I use Anchor to distribute my podcast which means it’s across all platforms all you need to do is search Fat Lad to Fighter and you’ll find me.

Spotify link for the Fat Lad podcast (it looked ugly haha)

Peace (I updated my record image, 5F 3W 2L).

Listen to the podcast to find out more haha

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