Padwork a thing of beauty!

Padwork a thing of beauty!

Muay Thai Padwork – A thing of beauty!

When padwork is executed properly it is beautiful.

Check out this video I saw on Facebook posted by Thailand Training Camp and this is what they said about the video and the padwork that is being executed in it. They say better than I ever can about who is in the video and what they are up to:

“This is Muay Thai free flow pad work. There is no choreography or calling of strikes, this is just two incredible martial artists flowing with each other’s movement. The pad holder must read and catch the strikes. The striker is Kru Black Tiger, or Sueadam. Sounds and looks familiar? This is because he is the cousin of the legendary Black Lion – Singdam Kiatmuu9. Singdam is one of of the greats of this era, and

Hitting the pads on the beach!

pound for pound championslike Nong-O and Saenchai would talk about how hard Singdam kicks.
In interviews, Singdam would call Sueadam his brother and mention how good he is. Power runs in the family, and Kru Sueadam is undoubtly powerful. With hundreds of fights under his belt, he will be one of your trainers and training partners here at Thailand Training Camp Khongsittha. Having trained with Singdam his whole life, you will be learning authentic championship level Muay Thai.
Holding pads for him is a formerly #1 ranked Lumpinee and Rajadamnern fighter – Kru Ruey. Despite failing to capture the title at both stadiums, being ranked so high in Thailand’s two most prestigious stadiums is an incredible feat. He will be one of your favorite pad holders at this training camp.
These are the caliber or trainers and fighters that will be hosting your journey. Meet incredible people in an experence of a lifetime. For more information, visit

It is beautiful to watch the free flowing of padwork like that. It is really something that I aspire to be able to do one day. To be able to let go of what you are thinking and just let it flow from the heart. Going to a place where you don’t really have to think but to enter a form of meditation almost! Awesome!

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