North East Muay Thai Beast – The start of my journey

North East Muay Thai Beast – The start of my journey

I started this journey just over 6 months ago. When I walked into Northern Kings Gym in Newcastle, my original plan was to do a White Collar Boxing event, but it got pulled because of a lack of interest. So Craig gave me a free month at the gym to do Muay Thai Boxing. I thought long and hard about the offer because I suffer from mental health issues, and also I was really overweight at the time (168KG to be precise), so decided that I was going to do the free month that was on offer.

The first session was really daunting for me stepping through that gym door. Seeing all these faces, and my anxiety kicking in saying RUN. I got passed that and did the session. Bearing in mind, I had zero flexibility, stamina and a rather large belly, but was pleased and I actually enjoyed it!

I came to the next session, and the next and the next and I started to fall in love with something. The second week there I threw myself into the deep end and did some sparring which was never my plan to start with. The week after I started to set myself goals with the head coach Craig. The main goal was weight loss and we set a target for the end of the year to be down to 120KG.

The weeks went on and the weight started to drop also I was getting fitter and more flexible as the months went on. Getting more confident sparring and doing clinch work. here we are, 6 months down the line and I am still going strong! Losing weight and getting better each time I train.

I am now currently 124KG just missing out on my target. I cant be disheartened because I have lost so much weight in a short space of time.

This year I am going to push myself even more. I have set a goal to get to around 80/85KG. Hopefully, get more interclub’s under my belt because one of my other goals I have set with Craig is to ultimately… have a fight or 2 or 3 or 4……..

So stay tuned and make sure you head over to my Facebook page where you will see all the updates of me training like the video you see on here.

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