Nieky Holzken speaks about his GLORY contract expiring and wanting another title shot

Nieky Holzken speaks about his GLORY contract expiring and wanting another title shot

Holzken needs no introduction when it comes to the fight game, he is about as seasoned as they come. Having fought on and dominated the biggest stage that kickboxing has to offer for over five years. He was at the Millennium Home Show this weekend gone and MTBUK had a chance to catch up with him and get his thoughts about his first loss while competing in Glory at the Glory: Collision event at the back end of 2016, where he lost a split decision in a tough fight against Cédric Doumbé.

Nieky Holzken’s fight career spans longer than a decade, spending time in the ring with Joseph Valtellini, Raymond Daniels, Murthel Groenhart, Marco Piqué and fellow countryman Andy Souer. These are just a few of the names that he has fought with to be able to get where he is today and MTBUK was honoured (and a little start-struck) when I had chance to catch up with him.

Holzken vs Valtellini (photo credit Glory)

We cover briefly the fight on the Glory: Collision show, what is next for Holzken and his career; whether it will be a title shot on Glory or whether he will, in fact, be going back to Glory at all. He runs through his contract expiring and Glory giving other fighters the chance to have a title shot against Cédric Doumbé, when he feels that, with his history of being reigning champion for over 5 years that he deserves another shot, especially with it being a split decision.

It was a pleasure to speak with Holzken and I do hope to be able to catch up with him again in the future. Hopefully when he gets that title shot for Glory but until then I wish him the best of luck with his fight career and will be keeping an eye out for his next appearance wherever that may be!


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