Nathan Bendon: “you have to be able to teach different styles”

Nathan Bendon: “you have to be able to teach different styles”

Nathan Bendon is currently Thai Fighter UK at 63.5kg. I caught up with him at the back end of last year after his fight with Rambo on Yokkao. We covered a crazy amount during the interview but I will be picking little snippets and posting them on the Muay Thai Blog YouTube channel.

First up we have a quick video of Nathan talking about teaching different styles. You see, not only is Nathan currently UK number one and very active as a fighter, he is also a coach and bringing through the next generation of fighters.

Having the knowledge to pass onto his students, only comes from the experience and times he has spent involved in Muay Thai. I am sure his skills and enthusiasm are a great asset to his members at NJB Personal Fitness which is located in Birmingham.

Nathan Bendon took over the gym a couple of years ago now. Recently he fired up his Champions Collide event to showcase some of the homegrown talent that he has brewing in the gym.

If you would like to catch Bendon’s fight with Rambo from Yokkao last year, you can catch it here:

It was an absolute was this and he came alive in the fifth round. It has recently been annouced that Chris Shaw will be taking on Rambo at the next Yokkao event in March due to Liam Harrison’s withdrawal from the fight last month.

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