Muay Thai Inspiration – Ramon Dekkers

Muay Thai Inspiration – Ramon Dekkers

If there is anyone in the Muay Thai world that would be classed as a ‘household name’ it would be Ramon Dekkers!

Ramon Dekkers is the legend of legends. As he says in the interview on the video, he fought the Thai’s in Thailand and won. A lot.

It would have been something kinda special to be able to watch Ramon Dekkers fight or even get to train with him! To be able to say that the Thai’s were imitating your style would be just out of this world. I couldn’t even begin to wrap my head around being such a big name. To have the power and technique that he had would be just incredible. I mean, the guy broke his foot many times because he kicked too hard. Can you imagine?!? I enjoyed watching this I hope you do too!

Ramon “The Diamond” Dekkers was a Dutch kickboxer and an eight time Muay Thai world champion. Dekkers had a tendency to go head-to-head with his opponents, which made him a favourite with fight fans. He fought the best of the best in their own sport and made all kinds of waves throughout the combat sports world.

If this doesn’t want to get you off your backside and go and kick a heavy bag or some pads really really hard I don’t know what will. The pure legacy that Dekkers has left for all of us Muay Thai lovers is one that will ring true forever, I am sure! So sit back, relax and enjoy the upcoming video.

Enjoy the next 6 and a half minutes provided to us by Muay Thai Scholar. Muay Thai Scholar is a comprehensive website that has a lot of information for Muay Thai lovers, you should head over and check it out!

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