Muay Thai BlogCast 004 – ‘Muay Thai Guy’ Sean Fagan

Muay Thai BlogCast 004 – ‘Muay Thai Guy’ Sean Fagan

Muay Thai BlogCast 004 – Sean Fagan ‘The Muay Thai Guy’

Sean Fagan of The Muay Thai Guy has been someone who I have looked up to since I began my journey into Muay Thai. To have him on the Muay Thai BlogCast was an absolute honour. Sean Fagan is leading the way when it comes to providing the highest quality content for people online to learn from.

We cover a whole range of topics, his journey into Muay Thai from flying out to Thailand and having his first fights out there right through to his current day projects like Nak Muay Nation with Lawrence Kenshin and the team behind him with that and his most popular blog post the Muay Thai Stoner and much more.

Muay Thai BlogCast 004 - Sean Fagan

If you like what we are doing with the podcast the please share it with your friends and let people know about the interviews we have done so far with Liam Harrison, The Limitless Paul ‘Reaper’ Banasiak and Matt Lucas all featuring on the podcast so far. 

The next guest has already been lined up and recorded so watch out for that one! Another ground breaking interview with someone who is a very well known name in Muay Thai in Thailand of which I will share in two weeks time from now but until then, don’t forget to leave us a 5* review in iTunes to be read out on the next episode. 

Again, thank you so much to Sean Fagan for taking the time out of his super busy schedule to spend some time with Muay Thai Blog and share his story and let people know what he is up to. I one day hope to be on the same level as these guys and I hope this is going towards getting there. 

If you would like to feature on the Muay Thai BlogCast then feel free to contact me via any of the channels listed below and let us know your thoughts about the podcast in the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts on the themes we cover in the interview!


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