Muay Thai BlogCast 003 – Paul Banasiak AKA Muay Thai Athlete & ‘The Reaper’

Muay Thai BlogCast 003 – Paul Banasiak AKA Muay Thai Athlete & ‘The Reaper’

Muay Thai BlogCast 003 – Paul ‘The Reaper’ Banasiak AKA Muay Thai Athlete


First, let me start at the beginning, I was trolling Facebook one day and I receive a message from this stranger who was based out in Thailand. He was looking to touch base with a media outlet based in the UK to get to know what we were about and hopefully make that valuable connection. That’s all. At least that’s how it began, when I got to realise who it was I was talking with (Matt Lucas), it became apparent that I had just struck gold with this new friendship that was being built.

We shared stories of how we both discovered Muay Thai and what it meant to us both. I was playing with the idea of restarting the Muay Thai BlogCast properly and putting some real effort in to making it a success. This was my moment. I asked him if he wanted to come on the show and be my first guest on the podcast and he was more than happy to come on and humour me.paul banasiak muay thai blogcast 003

I was nervous as hell, palms were sweating beforehand and I was generally quite scared. I had done my research and I was ready to speak to a published author and commentator of MAX Muay Thai. I couldn’t believe it. We spoke for 45 mins and it was great, I loved it. Getting to know Matt and his story was a turning point for me because it lit something inside me that really made me think, long and hard about what it is I wanted to achieve with Muay Thai Blog and the podcast that was now in the making.

He then tells me about this great idea he has about contacting Paul Banasiak and doing an interview with him for Muay Thai Blog. I was like, “wait, the Paul Banasiak? As in the host of the Muay Thai Guys podcast and owner of Muay Thai Athlete, Paul Banasiak?!” He casually replied to me “Of course!”

When he posted the article on the Muay Thai Blog website, I was over the moon, I learn so much from reading his writing. The style in which he does it is awesome. Matt creates interest and uses a lot of emotive words to spark the readers involvement. Upon reading this interview (which you should definitely check out by the way) I was inspired by Paul’s story and his whole ethos when it comes to life. I was intrigued.

Getting Paul ‘The Reaper’ Banasiak on the show couldn’t have been easier, I saw that he had shared the interview that he did with Matt, aptly named “The Reaper Cometh” and I commented saying “how cool it would be to have you on the podcast,” 24 hours later, there we were. On Skype getting ready to record the third episode. Before then, in the 24 hours running up to it, I couldn’t quite believe what was happening.

paul banasiak muay thai blogcast 003I was frantically watching videos on ‘how to properly interview people’ and ‘what not to do during interviews.’ I was freaking out. I kind of already knew a lot about Paul and his journey because of the Muay Thai Guys Podcast but I felt the need to research him to try and find out more about him as a person because I didn’t want to look like a complete noob to someone, who obviously, had a lot more experience with this sort of thing than I do.
Now, I’m not over exaggerating when I say this but since the interview my whole view on life has changed, and Matt and Paul are to thank for that. When you listen to this episode, have a pen and paper with you and just note down some of topics that we cover and the things that Paul says because they really are, truly inspirational. I have been so excited to share this episode with you that I haven’t quite been able to contain myself, but here it is for you. It is a little longer than I plan my other episodes to be, but frankly, I don’t care because every minute of it was awesome!

In the podcast, Paul talks about an article that Sylvie von Douglas writes about him and his experiences as a sponsored fighter and he mentioned how spot on she gets her description, I since read the article and wow. This one is definitely worth reading so I have linked it here for you:

I sincerely hope you enjoy listening to this episode and I have another BOMBSHELL to be dropping for my next guest (which is also a funny story and I will explain in the next post I do) but make sure you subscribe to the Muay Thai Blogcast on iTunes and leave us a 5* review to be featured in the next episode when I read your review out.

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