Muay Thai BlogCast 001 – Matt Lucas

Muay Thai BlogCast 001 – Matt Lucas

Muay Thai BlogCast 001 – Matt Lucas

Muay Thai Blog presents the Muay Thai BlogCast!

In this, the Muay Thai BlogCast 001 (first ever episode!), we have a gentleman called Matt Lucas. Matt is well accomplished in his own right within the art of Muay Thai, he has wrote a book called The Boxers Soliloquy, he commentates on MAX Muay Thai alongside Rob Cox and also actively provides content for Muay Thai Blog and West Coast Muay Thai among others.

Rob Cox said when Matt’s book was released “Matt has hit the nail squarely on the head with his depictions of the life of a foreign fighter in Thailand, writing with an authenticity that could only come from someone that has experienced it first hand. It makes for a very engaging and entertaining read!”

This is the first ever episode of the Muay Thai BlogCast in it’s new form, you can listen/download the episode right from the embedded plug-in below, you will be able to find the Muay Thai BlogCast on iTunes very soon and also if you head over to you will be able to find the profile over there too! Make sure you subscribe to it to keep up to date with what is happening.

muay thai blogcast 001 matt lucas
Matt and The Boxer’s Sililoquy

With this being very new to me, you will have to bare with, while I iron out the creases and build on it to become another brilliant resource for people to tap into. I am very excited to branch out Muay Thai Blog into this whole new arena and excited to bring people’s stories to people who might not necessarily have had the chance to find them.

If you would like to feature in the Muay Thai BlogCast then you can email us at and we can work something out to get you on the show! Thank you in advance for listening and don’t forget to head over to the MTBUK Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date. Don’t forget to check out Matt’s website over at you can keep updated with his writing with MTBUK right here too 



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