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Muay Thai Blog. A catalogue of articles, events coverage, news, videos, tutorials and much more! What it brings to the table some is the best content out there now; it also brings a real-life view and personal touch to the martial art of Muay Thai. Muay Thai quickly became a part of Dom’s life when he began training at Northern Kings in Newcastle under Thai Boxing veteran, Craig Jose.

Muay Thai Blog was conceived when Dom wanted to spread the love of the art of 8 limbs and have a place to document his training. He fell in love with every aspect of the sport and wanted to share his experiences to the masses, bringing everyone together and give them a place to come and be entertained and learn. It quickly developed from his documentation of training into something bigger now hitting audiences all over the world.

Dom has worked with and reported on some of the biggest names in Muaythai; Liam Harrison, Dakota Ditcheva, Jordan Watson, Juan Cerventes, Andy Howson, Craig Jose and event brands such as YOKKAO, The Main Event, Tankō, Duel Grand Prix and The Millennium Home Show.

Muay Thai Blog is giving the Muay Thai community a timeless collection of event reviews, gym visits and interviews/tutorials with some of the biggest names in the sport!! Helping raise awareness and generally spreading the love of the Martial Art. Check out the fantastic range of ever growing articles, news and updates from Muay Thai Blog.

It is highly regarded on the Muay Thai circuit and is now looking to take the next step and develop in to the go to place for people to go and update themselves, learn and expand their knowledge on the topic of Muaythai. MTBUK have made some fantastic advancements in the last couple of weeks and look forward to bringing you a stack of new content to take advantage of.

If you would like to contribute then feel free to fill out the form on our contact us page to make an enquiry.

Finally, if you want to keep up to date then you can head to their social media account and search ‘Muay Thai Blog’ on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube as well as heading to their website.


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I'm Dom. I am a lover of all things Muay Thai related. I have ran MTBUK since 2015 when it was conceived and plan on making MTBUK the 'go to' place for all things related to the Science of 8 Limbs. I have been writing for a little while now and hope you enjoy the content I put out here for you! Drop me a line and say hi!

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