MTK presents Champions Collide summary

MTK presents Champions Collide summary

MTK presents Champions Collide summary

So, MTK presents Champions Collide. It happened last night and what a night it was! I would like to take it back to when I first got introduced to Sham and Nathan. A few weeks back, Sham had approached me and asked if I may be interested in covering an event that he was putting on.

When I agreed, after I had seen the fight card, and had chance to have a look into what it is they were about, I was pleasantly surprised with how well put together the whole thing was. To say it was Sham and Nathan’s first show together, I have to say, I thought they have done fantastically well.

Every interaction that I had with Sham was productive and he was more than prepared for the barrage of questions that I was sending his way and also he was sending me itineraries of what he had planned and what he wanted MTBUK to be doing.

When it came to the press conference, I didn’t really know what to expect because I haven’t really ever done anything like that before but it all went down a hit, it was good to meet the fighters at the weigh-ins and speak to them before hand and get to know them a little. You can see the press conference that MTK put out here:

After that, we parted ways. He sent me the running order of the fights and told me what it is I would be doing. I was going in the ring to interview the fighters from the main event!! I also was appointed to do the announcing of the main event of their next show. MTK presents Champions Collide 2 which will be held in a cage!

Josh Turbill and Jake Purdy will go head to head on the 19th November in their next show and this is a fight that I am very much looking forward to. Jake is currently UK No.1 and is making his name well known on the UK Muay Thai scene for his recent wins. Josh Turbill will be making a come back after taking s small amount of time out and is currently ranked 3rd in the UK and is looking to make his stamp now he is under the tuition of Panicos Yusuf at All Powers Gym in Stockport.

When it came down to the actual show I was hugely impressed with the set up that Sham had put together, Muay Thai Store was there and was selling a collection of Muay Thai equipment, gloves, shinpads, shorts, thai oil and much more. The hall was a decent size. All easily fit the crowd in. To be fair, it could fit more in if needed as the VIP tables were quite spaced out.

I got to sit and enjoy the undercard as my services weren’t really required as such. As the event went on and the anticipation for the main events were growing, I was getting more and more excited. I was sat with Josh (Turbill) for a while and while the main events were on and it was good to get to finally meet him! There were some other big faces there too, ParnPetch, Dan McGowan, Iman Barlow, Steve Broome to just drop a couple of names, there were so many there it had an awesome vibe to it!

Tim Thomas vs Connor McCormack

The first of the main events was a fantastic little match up. Tim Thomas was coming back from a year break after he had recently became a dad and wanted to take some time out from Muay Thai to concentrate on his family. Connor came to the fight hungry to make his name known and put his stamp on the show. Being a local lad, he definitely brought a crowd with him and they definitely were there to show their support.

The first round was pretty even, both fighters were just feeling each other out, getting to know what they were both about, as you do really. When the second round began, it started very much the same, feeling it out and them BAM!! This crazy head kick, that came from nowhere came and took Tim clean off his feet.

You can see the interview that I did with Connor here:

Nathan Bendon vs Jonas Berglund

This was an incredible fight. It was action packed from start to finish. You could tell that both fighters really wanted the win on this one and they both came out looking for the kill. When I spoke to Nathan before the interview he said that Jonas had hurt him earlier in round three and he thought he had to step it up.

Nathan just seemed a bit too strong for Jonas, a legend from Sweden and he took the win by way of knockout in round 4. Jonas was a really nice guy and I do wish him all the best for his future. The crowd boo’d him as he came out, something I wasn’t particularly a fan of but he had mentioned at the press conference that he was ready for that sort of thing as he was used to fighting away from home.

Nathan smashed it, he said he wants the number one spot, Luke Turner had better watch out because he sounded determined to get that spot. A massive congratulations on becoming the new WRSA European champion. Nathan’s interview is here:


Overall I had a fantastic time at MTK presents Champions Collide. I was honoured to be a part of the beginning of something special here. The lads have done so well, all the matches were very well matched, fantastic main events and the hospitality shown not only to me but to everyone that was there with the food and the way the event was run as a whole.

I do wish them all the best for the next show, I am hoping they will have me back on 19th November for their Muay Thai in a Cage with the main event of Jake Purdy vs Josh Turbill. A massive well done too all the fighters who took part, it takes a special kind of person to get in the ring and you all deserve a huge pat on the back but especially to Nathan and Connor who stole the evening for me. Connor was just on point man. Well done the pair of you!

Remember to head over to their Facebook, their Twitter, Instagram to keep up to date with all things MTK presents Champions Collide and also head over to their YouTube channel as they may have some fights coming your way soon!

Also, you can head over to MTBUK’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as our YouTube channel where you can find an ever growing catalogue of Muay Thai related entertainment. If you would like your event covering then drop me an email and I will be more than happy to have a look at it.

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