Muay Thai Kings presents: Champions Collide 1

Muay Thai Kings presents: Champions Collide 1

Muay Thai Kings presents: Champions Collide 1

So as mentioned in the previous ‘MTBUK News Update’ I am going to be working on covering an event down in coventry; Muay Thai Kings presents Champions Collide 1. This is the first event of its kind and is shaping up to be a fantastic promotion for the midlands. There are two members of the team; Shamir Alam who is heading up the business side of the promotion and Nathan Bendon who is doing the match-ups for the promotion.

With it being new on the UK Muay Thai Circuit, I am impressed to see some of the fights that Champions Collide has lined up, they have pulled something special out of the bag for this one that is definitely going to please the Muay Thai fans. There is a European title on the line as well as some fantastic domestic bouts supported by a full undercard of N/C Class fights.

Luke Turner vs Martin Akhtar

First up Luke Turner is going to take on the Swede Martin Akhtar. Both of these fighters will bring an amazing fight to the card, Luke recently came back from a break and jumped straight in at the highest level taking on the Lumpinee number one Manachai on the YOKKAO promotion back in March. Having to retire from the fight due to injury he felt as though he was in limbo as, had he not had the injury things could have gone a little differently. Martin Akhtar is no stranger to the Muay Thai scene having fought on some of the biggest shows making it known that he is here to win.

Luke Turner vs Matin Akhtar Champions Collide
Luke Turner vs Martin Akhtar poster

I had chance to catch up with Luke and pick his brains about his upcoming fight and here is what he said: “Trainings going great! I’ve kept my training up since my last fight on YOKKAO and so my fitness is through the roof at the minute. After having two years off fighting before yokkao, the build up to that fight was hard because I was starting from nothing. I was already in shape to jump straight in the ring when this fight camp started so, I’ve been able to train really hard and it’s been easy. I’m looking forward to fighting Martin. He’s a top level champion and they are the kind of fights I want. I’m super busy at work and with my personal life so committing to fights now is a huge thing, so I only want to make all those sacrifices to fight the best opponents, which Martin certainly is. I don’t have a gameplan, I never have a gameplan. I work on having a well rounded game and train really hard so that I’m fit enough for a hard five rounds, that way I’m prepared for wherever the fight goes. I don’t believe in training specifically for one fighter, I train the same for everyone I fight and it’s never let me down so far. I’m excited to be part of champions collide at the very beginning and appreciate the opportunity I’ve been given to fight on it, especially not really being local to Coventry. Any new shows are good for the sport they give fighters a platform to fight on and they get the sport out there. The promoters are both top guys and have been nothing but accommodating so far and I’m excited to be part of what will hopefully be one of the new big shows in the UK!”

Connor McCormack vs Tim Thomas

Connor McCormack vs Tim Thomas Champions Collide
Connor McCormack vs Tim Thomas fight poster

Next up is a sensational fight; Connor McCormack will be fighting Tim Thomas. Both fighters are very well known on the UK Muay Thai scene, Tim is coming back from a year off and is looking to take the step back into the game by taking on the incredibly talented Connor McCormack. A fantastic effort from the lads at MTK Promotions on bringing this fight together, I am sure that it is going to be a cracking demonstration of Muay Thai.

Connor said about his fight and training: “My training and preparation for this fight have been ace! Training 6x a week cardio, Padwork, strength and conditioning! And overall techniques. Not really much of a game plan just sharpening up the tools I already have, making my techniques a lot crisper and working on some maneuvers that will hopefully get me the win! I personally think that champions collide will set a great standard for UK Muay Thai with this just being their first show they have pulled some great fights out the bag and I look forward to actually watching some before my up and coming bout with Tim, any publicity for the sport of Muay Thai is great for the UK fight scene! I look forward to seeing what Champions collide can bring to the table for the talent that UK fighters have to offer!”

Tim had better bring his A-Game to the show as Connor sounds like he is coming to take the win. He was good to talk to was Connor and I wish him the best of luck for the bout. Tim again, is no stranger to some of the biggest shows the UK has to offer, fighting some of the biggest names and to have him on this show is a fantastic opportunity to grow the MTK and Champions Collide brand.

Tim said:“Training has been going really well, tough but good. I have been at the Nak Soo camp, travelling to other gyms and working with the legendary Parnpetch Rirom as well as my S+C coach Sonny Dholakia. My gameplan is to win, I feel the experience I have and level I have fought at puts me in good stead to make a triumphant return. Champions Collide is a new promotion but working alongside them has been seamless. I think they are doing great for the sport, treating fighters fairly with timely preparation and forthcoming with all Information. I will look forward to working with them again definitely”

Collions Collide poster
Nathan Bendon vs Jonas Berglund poster

Nathan Bendon vs Jonas Berglund 

Last but not least is this beast of a bout. These two are not to be reckoned with. Nathan Bendon will be throwing down wit Jonas Berglund. Nathan is coming to make his stamp on the midlands by taking on the Swede Jonas Berglund for the WRSA European title. This fight is going to be something special. Something that the fight fans well be very pleased with and I am sure that Muay Thai Kings are more and happy with this match up. Not only is Nathan a fantastic fighter but he is the match maker for this show, so not only is he training incredibly hard for this upcoming bout but he has all the lovely stresses that come along with being a promoter too!

I spoke with Nathan quickly about his upcoming fight with Jonas and he said: “I’m very excited to be apart of Champions Collide, the plans we have for future shows are really going to help the UK Muay Thai scene grow and give fighters the chance to showcase themselves on a great platform. Training has been tough as being a part of the production of the show and also fighting on it can take a toll on you. It’s something I am happy I have experienced but wouldn’t recommend to anyone. I don’t have a game plan as such but all I plan to do is perform and put the training and sacrifices from myself and team to be in tip top form to practice and hopefully that will be enough to develop my skills and bring home that European belt. I know Jonas is very experienced and will come to fight and isn’t someone to be taken lightly by any means so I’m excited to step in the ring with such a high calibre opponent and show I deserve to be in there with the best”

Jonas is flying over from Sweden to take on Nathan for this title and I am sure that he will be coming over here to make one hell of a statement! There is only so much awesomeness an event can put on and this main event card is going to be something special.

I am very much looking forward to working with these two and hopefully the relationship with Muay Thai Kings and MTBUK will flourish and we can work together in the coming months on their upcoming shows. I was having a chat with Sham and his drive and ambition for the sport is fantastic to see. He is looking to push Muay Thai and bring it to the forefront of combat sport, bring it to where it belongs. What makes this show slightly different is that they are wanting to collaborate with the other brands and events that are out there to bring everyone together which I feel is imperative for the sport to grow!

I have got a few exclusives (which will come to light all in good time so watch out), but the next show is going from strength to strength! If you have high hopes for this one then hold on to your Mongkons fight fans because this one is going to blow your mind! I am sworn to secrecy but I can safely say that this is going to be incredible.

Tickets are available from the MTK website and I can get in touch with the promoters or fighters if you would like to get tickets through here.


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