MTBUK News Update May 2016

MTBUK News Update May 2016

MTBUK News Update

A news update of MTBUK

Its been a mad couple of months really. I haven’t done an update since starting this new website. Hopefully the things I have been working on in terms of developing are going in the right direction as opposed to my old one (old one? What old one?) I can safely say that the MTBUK brand is currently going from strength to strength and I couldn’t do it without the help of everyone that reads and shares my things.

First off in the update, I got registered the Muay Thai Blog domain, which itself is a big step to making MTBUK what I want it to be. A place for people to come and find out about Muay Thai, find an event, a gym, get training tips, watch some videos of people being interviewed or some fights that are a must see! I am always open for people to contact me if they ever want to write a guest post on here so if you would like to, just drop me a line, either in the comments sections or find me on Facebook, I would love to hear from you.

Events- Muay Thai Blog UK
Muay Thai Blog

Since starting this new site in April, I have had over 7000 people come to my site, which is huge for me! I have covered two events, interviewed some of the worlds best fighters and I am set for more very soon. I have been sent some gear to review from Sandee and you should watch out for the review coming very soon! I have been in contact with a few people for developing and building a shop that people can come and purchase MTBUK merchandise and eventually I would love to open a proper shop that would sell Muay Thai gear and supplements.

I have high hopes for MTBUK and with this update I hope to be able to keep traction with it and be able to help our sport grow into something that will, eventually be a household sport. I do this for the love of doing it. It would be nice to have this as my full-time job, be it reporting events, selling gear or doing training on tours and sharing the stories of people who want it sharing. It is all moving our sport in the right direction and the hits I have had in the past two months, just goes to show that our community is looking for that!


Millennium Home Show 2nd July

MTBUK News - Home show
Millennium Home show poster

I have got one event solidified, which is the Millennium home show July 2nd in Blyth. It is being run by Tony Cunningham who is head coach and owner of the Millennium gym in Blyth and it set to be a fantastic night of Pro-K1 action. Tony is pulling something special out of the bag here with this event, it has some massive names fighting on the show with Reece McAllister headlining.

Not only does it have some fantastic names in the ring but also has ‘The Voice’ of Muay Thai and kickboxing and legend within his own right with a career within the sport spanning over three decades. Vinny Shoreman. I am looking forward to getting to meet Vinny. He is always such a laugh on his commentary and I am sure that he will bring the home show that extra sparkle of something special!

I will be doing post-fight interviews there and will be catching up with the fighters just after their fights and posting the videos on my YouTube channel, so make sure you head over there right away and subscribe to be notified when I begin posting them out.

Champions Collide 4th June

MTBUK News update
Luke Turner vs Martin Akhtar poster

This is a last minute addition to the line-up. The promoter of Champions reached out to me on the Facebook page and invited me along to interview some of the fighters at the event and be press there. Over the next couple of days I will be getting in touch with some of the fighters on the show and releasing a couple of articles as a preview style post with the line-up and what to expect.

This is the first show of it’s kind but definitely has some exciting fights lined up. Luke Turner is taking on Martin Akhtar which is bound to be a demolition match up. Turner is back now looking to make his stamp on the UK Thai scene after he lost to what can only be described as probably one of the toughest opponents there is out there; the Lumpinee number one at the time Manachai. It will be good to have a catch up and spread the knowledge of MTBUK to more than just the North East. Getting to reach a broader audience is something I have been looking forward to achieving.

Andy Howson interview

As well as reporting for the Champions Collide show I have been speaking with Andy Howson about going to see his new gym in Birmingham. It would be wicked to get a chance to go and catch up with him and maybe even fit in a training session with him. Blow off the well-formed cobwebs from my gloves and put them to good use again.

The article I wrote about Andy opening his new gym was well received and is something I would like to develop on by going down there and getting to show what it is all about. Getting to know him, his career within the sport and hopefully take a few things away from the experience too!


I am looking into making an MTBUK podcast or YouTube series (not sure which way it will go yet) where I have a chat with some of the UK’s top prospects within the sport. Fighters and gym owners who would like to share their story and get to reach a wider audience. It is something I have been interested in doing for quite some time and I now have the facility with the new site to be able to do it. I have already been in contact with various people who will hopefully be the first to feature on it. I aren’t going to mention any names yet but they are ones that will definitely be a hit!

It would be something that would take a lot of work to grow but it is definitely something on the cards because I would love to be able to share the stories and talk to some of the best at what they do within Muay Thai.

Watch this space.

Wrapping this up now, thanks for reading the update and as you can see there is a lot going on, a couple more things I am holding a bit closer to the chest for now but I am sure will be sharing with you in the coming months. If you have an article you would like to share, or a round of training you would like to feature on the training section or some nutrition tips that you have for weight-cutting then get in touch. I would love to have some guest posts on here so it isn’t me babbling away. Email me on and I am sure we can work something out! That’s in for this months MTBUK update.


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I'm Dom. I am a lover of all things Muay Thai related. I have ran MTBUK since 2015 when it was conceived and plan on making MTBUK the 'go to' place for all things related to the Science of 8 Limbs. I have been writing for a little while now and hope you enjoy the content I put out here for you! Drop me a line and say hi!

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