The Homeshow Millennium Martial Arts brings their A Game

The Homeshow Millennium Martial Arts brings their A Game

Tony Cunningham’s Millennium Martial Arts Homeshow has always been a show to reckon with in the North East. This time he has upped his game and will deliver what can only be described as a top-class event. Last year MTBUK was there and reported on the show, you can catch the articles here of the line-up and what action was on the show…

Last summer Tony had plenty of international, high quality fights on his show and this is absolutely no different. Featuring two 4-man tournament, one of a junior Muay Thai tournament and the next is a professional K1 tournament too. There is talent-to-boot on this years Homeshow and MTBUK are very much looking forward to being invited back to be able to report on the show again!

We have been given the full running order from Tony and have it here for you. The two tournaments will be drawn on the night of the show. There is also a special incentive for the fighters on the show to step in to the ring as the best version of themselves; Enfusion Live will be there scouting for talent and filming the Homeshow! Tony has stepped up this year and is very much looking forward to showcasing the talent and putting his lads and lasses to the test with plenty of international talent from all over Europe.

There is one name on there that I am particularly excited about seeing, Geraldo Holzken, the son of Glory Kickboxer Nieky Holzken. Nieky has clashed with some of the biggest and most well-known names in the kickboxing world including Joseph Valtellini, Murthel Groenhart and Raymond Daniels. I hope that I can catch up with him while at the show!

Here is the full card:

The Homeshow Undercard – Graphics Credit Roly Rodd

Kai Bell vs Geraldo Holzken 30kg junior K1 light

Junior Tournament (drew on the night)
Brandon Barry
Taweb Mousavi
Louis Shipton
Paul Morris

Semi-final Junior Tournament 63kg WKA 4man junior Muay Thai Grand Prix

Semi-final Junior Tournament 63kg WKA 4man junior Muay Thai Grand Prix

Nathan Ryder vs Michael Hall 65kg semi pro K1 bout

Kevin Carr vs Robert Barry 63kg WKA northern Area B-class Muay Thai title

Gary Laws vs Stephen Williams 61kg B-class Muay Thai

Pete Hymers vs Jonny Winn

Dean Logan vs Ben Goldsborough 66kg WKA northern B-class Area Muay Thai title

Junior Final Junior Final 63kg WKA 4man junior Muay Thai Grand Prix

Homehow Main Card – Graphics Credit Roly Todd

Main Card
Kristian Atkinson vs Zakaria Bouyanfif

Main Card Tournament
Kyle Todd
Jordan Trainor
Ryan Foster
Tommy Crossland

Semi-final tournament 70kg WKA 4 Man Grand Prix

Semi-final tournament 70kg WKA 4 Man Grand Prix

Rayko Levitchi vs Martin Sweeney 65kg professional K1 bout

Mareks Pelcis vs Levi Mikkers

Conor Brown vs Alex Marton 72kg professional K1 bout

Leif Taggart vs Nick Gruijters

Jack Sampola vs Catalin Filimon 77kg Pro K1

Claire Clements vs Eimear Codd 63.5kg World Title

Thomas Daniel vs Niels Wlimink 85kg WKA International Title

Tournament Final Tournament Final 70kg WKA 4 Man Grand Prix

Main Event
John Cairns vs Craig Shadforth 76kg WKA Pro English Title

Commentary Team – Vinny Shoreman Gavin Sterritt

Ring Announcer – Wayne Groves

Referee – John Blackledge

As you can see the show is jam packed full of young and hungry fighters wanting to put their stamp on the scene and make the next step in advancing their career and The Homeshow is giving exactly that platform. With a top-class team working on the show, Vinny Shoreman and Gavin Sterritt working commentary and John Blackledge as the referee for the evening it has the ingredients to be something special and if history is any indication the spectators are in for a treat!

The show will be happening on the 25th February at the Blyth Sports Centre. Tickets are very very limited so if you haven’t got yours yet then you may have just missed out! Check out their Facebook page to get up to date:

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