Millennium Home Show – Review

Millennium Home Show – Review

Review of event

So the final bell has rung on The Millennium Home Show and what an epic night it was. It might actually be one of my favorite events I have covered and been to in a long time. The whole night ran incredibly smoothly (at least from a spectator’s point of view) and every fight delivered a high standard of entertainment.

The venue was brilliant. It was held at Blyth Sports Centre, Northumberland. The hall was huge, there was plenty of room for everyone with plenty of VIP tables full of people. The ring was located in the middle of the hall and the fighters came on via a ramp leading right up to it.

You can see that Tony had pulled out all the stops on this show, with the likes of Vinnie Shoreman and Gavin Sterritt commentating the fights, John Blackledge reffing and some of the best talent not only in the North East but for the whole of the country all under one roof for a night of K-1 action.

Having only attended one predominantly K-1 rules night, I didn’t know what to expect but my oh my did this deliver and smash my expectations. K-1 is fast and action packed held over 3x3min rounds. From the get go the fighters coming out banging and it really does make for good watching. The atmosphere was amazing. The crowd truly became awake when Kevin Smiles fought Celio Wagner. Oh my god! It was something out of this world, the whole hall just erupted! I have never heard anything like it!

Here is a run down of who fought and who won the fights of last night:



Leighton Robinson (millennium) vs Kai Clews (the manor)-  Leighton wins points

Brooke Coulson (Millennium) vs Charlee Coatsworth (Spartan gym) – Brooke wins points

Charlotte Thompson (KO Kickboxing vs Megan Williams (Suggys gym) – Draw

Liam Bowmaker (Millennium) vs Aiden Foster (Phoenix MT) – Aiden wins points

Thai – Brandon Barry (Jai Suu) vs Shaun Cuthbert (Force Fitness) – Shaun won points


Darren Walker (Manor Thai) vs Phelan Blenkarn (Northern Kings) – Phelan won TKO

Dean Scott (manor) vs Craig Coatsworth (Spartan) – Dean wins points

Ben Exley (impact martial arts) vs Michael McTavy (Kui-Ling) – Michael wins KO

Nathan Ryder (millennium) vs Anthony Johnson (the factory) – Nathan wins points

Dawn Mitchell (team Jan Cree) vs Nicole wood (Kui-Ling) – Nicole wins points

Andrew Hancill (Jai Suu) vs Nathan Smith (Phoenix) – Andrew wins points

Kevin smiles (millennium) vs Celio Wagner (Suggys) – Kevin wins points

Ross Laidlaw (millennium) vs Christian Jopling (MASAC) – Christian wins KO

Main card

Robert Barry (manor) vs Bailey sugden (Suggys gym) – Bailey wins points

Connor Long (Millennium) vs Andrew Liddell (Contender Fight Acamdey) – Connor wins KO

John Cairns (millennium) vs Tom Russell (the fight academy) – John wins on points

Rayko Levitchi (SCA) vs Martin Sweeney (Kokoro gym) – Martin wins by points (accidental cut, fight cut short)

Kyle Todd (Millennium) vs Dean Fatkin (The Faktory) – Kyle wins points. Extended to four rounds.

Catalin Filimon (SCA) vs Juan Cervantes (Northern Kings) – Juan wins. Third round TKO

Andrei  Ostrovanu (SCA) vs Reece McAllister (Phoenix) – Reece wins by TKO in second round.

Final words

Fight of the night, has to be, for me at least, one of the main events. Either Juan or Reece. Both of these lads showed true heart and determination destroying both of their opponents before the final bell. Juan took his opponents legs to pieces while Recce worked the body of Andrei dropping him twice in the first round and going on to stop him in the second.

I would like to thanks Tony for having MTBUK there and letting us report on the event. We kept the Instagram up to date which in turn kept the Facebook and Twitter updated too. The reception we get on the social medias is always overwhelming when reporting on an event so thank you for all the shares and getting people the information they need from the events I cover.

Hopefully, Tony will have us back in the future. Thank you for being so hospitable and welcoming for me and making it easy for me to report by giving us a ringside seat for me to be able to work from. A massive will done on a fantastic event, you have done yourself, your team and the North East proud with the way it all came together! I can’t wait to come to the next one!

The fights were recorded and pictures taken by Peep Magazine and they will be putting them out in the coming weeks so watch out for them. They are going to be great and I am very much excited to get to watch all the fights again! Well done mate and well done to all the fighters who took part!


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