Michael Savaas interview after winning Toyota Marathon

Michael Savaas interview after winning Toyota Marathon

Michael Savaas was recently crowned Toyota Marathon Champion. He fought his way to success by taking on Brazilian born fighter, Julio Lobo. Fought over 5 rounds, this war delivered a spectacle for the Muay Thai pure-breds.

As we draw to the end of 2018, it seemed like a good opportunity to catch up with him and speak with him about how this year has been and what 2019 looks like for him.

Dom: How does it feel to be crowned Toyota Marathon Champion?
Michael: This is the first time being crowned the Toyota marathon champion. Because the actual Tournament to win is the 8-man tournament and then you have to face the champion and fight for the champ of the champ belt. It feels amazing to be the first foreigner to actually win the whole tournament!

Dom: What is training like a Petchyindee?
Michael: Training at Petchyindee is like training in football at Real Madrid. The level is so high, and you have many top-level Thai’s to train with, But the training is very hard.

Dom: As 2018 draws to a close, how has this year been for you?
Michael: This year has been amazing, I’ve had 9 fights and 9 wins. So, it was a successful year.

Dom: What does 2019 look like for you? Any fights penned in already?
Michael: 2019 is starting with a boom! I am fighting 17 of January at Rajadamnern stadium live on tv. Then i will be fighting on One Championship.

Dom: What have been the biggest accomplishments/challenges this year?
Michael: The biggest accomplishments this year is winning the Toyota marathon and signing to One Championship. Also winning at Rajadamnern stadium being pre-main event by KO in round 3!

Already it has been announced that Michael will be starting 2019 with a bang. Set to fight Petchsongpak at the elite Thai stadium, Rajadamnern on 17th January. This will definitely be one to watch out for. Both of these fighters come to war!

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  1. MG

    What a Great Muay Thai Fight. Good spirit all the way. Quality of video unfortunately not so great. Well at least there was great Boxing Gloves used on this fight :D. Keep on posting good stuff. Thai Boxing is great sport.

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