Mark Amos flies to Sutai, wins his fight at Patong Stadium.

Mark Amos flies to Sutai, wins his fight at Patong Stadium.

Mark Amos has recently secured himself a 4th round stoppage at Patong Stadium in Phuket. Mark has previously made a good name for himself on the UK circuit, currently ranked number 8 in the Thaifighter rankings, he pitted off against Liam Brough on the Victory Promotions event at the end of last year.

Brough was always going to be a very tough challenge for Amos, he has been undefeated for the past 6 years and is freakishly tall for the 63.5kg he fights at. Mark Amos put up a fantastic effort against him, you can see for yourself, the fight is below. Take the time, soak it in and appreciate it for what it is. Both fighters put everything on the line in that fight and this fight was definitely one that was up for the fight of the night contention.

Mark Amos is now flying the Scottish flag representing Sutai Gym. Plenty of his fellow Scotsmen have spent time in the Phuket based gym, Andrew Miller, Craig Dickson, who recently was awarded the Thaifighter UK trailblazer award, and Alex MacGregor who also fought on the Victory Promotions event against one of the UK’s best, Reece McAllister.

When I caught up with Mark after his fight on Victory Promotions, he said something only a true fighter would say, naturally it’s paraphrased but it was something along the lines of: “It doesn’t matter who I fight, fighters fight and that’s what I am. Put anyone in front of me and I’ll do my best” That really rang something with me and it’s so true. It shows that he is here for the long game and really wants to get as much experience as he can with his time in the ring.

Here you can find the video of Mark’s most recent fight that was shared on Facebook today from the Sutai’s Facebook page. Well done buddy! Muay Thai Blog will be keeping up with Mark’s journey and be sharing some of his highlights.

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