Liam McGrandles: get to know 2x WBC Champ

Liam McGrandles: get to know 2x WBC Champ

I met Liam McGrandles at Victory 5 in December. I told the story of how we met a few times on some videos I posted after I weighed in, it was funny man. You know when you look at someone and can’t for the life of you pin point who they are but you kinda awkwardly acknowledge their existence and move on.

It was kinda like that but me being me just went and sat down next to him (still not knowing who he is at this point) and started talking to him, asking how he was and how things were. Clutching his water bottle and his slightly sunken cheeks, I knew he was fighting… but I couldn’t for the life of me place the face.

It all became clear when I asked him if he was looking forward to getting the weigh-in over with and he said that he was waiting for Andy to get in so they can get it done with and it clicked. “Holy shit,” I thought, “it’s Liam McGrandles!!” hahaha.

Mad. It’s awesome to get to meet these guys at the shows I’m lucky enough to fight on. I’m thankful for the chance to get to meet these guys who are mixing it with the best and putting the UK on the map.

But I’d love the opportunity to fight a legend of the sport such as Singdam

Liam McGrandles

So, I try and pay back in the way that I know, I get into his DM’s on Insta and get him to answer a few questions to be posted on here haha. Standard.

Ladies and gentlemen… Liam McGrandles.

Dom: For those who have been hiding under a rock and don’t know who you are Liam, introduce yourself brother.
Liam: “I’m 21 years old and fight out of Corefit UK Birmingham. I’ve been fighting now for around 7-8 years now. As a junior my record was 19 wins 1 loss. After breaking into the adult ranks I currently have an amateur record of 8 wins 1 loss. My up to date pro record is 18 wins 4 loss with 6ko. In 2019 I made it into the wbc world rankings and I’ve now made it up to 10th. I can’t wait for the fights I’ve got coming up this year and hungry to get to the top! “

Dom: After the retention of your WBC strap, what’s next? You got anything on the cards yet?
Liam: “Yeah I’m matched up to fight Changpuak Jetsada from Thailand for his MTGP world title on March 7th on the MTGP Wolverhampton show. Very excited to be facing another world class opponent that’s had around 10 times the Experience I have had and to be part of such a big event!”

Dom: After 3 good wins last year, what would you say was the highlight of 2019?
Liam: ‘I’d say my highlight would have to be beating Checkin Thammasat on the Roar combat league promotions in Birmingham for his WBC international title. Checkbin has previously beaten top level opposition such as Sanny Dahlbeck, so to have got the win means everything to me!”

Dom: Who is on your ‘hitlist of fighters you’d like to test yourself against in 2020?
Liam: ‘Lots of names spring to mind! But I’d love the opportunity to fight a legend of the sport such as singdam. I feel as though I could take the fight to him and get the win, rather than just turning up to lose like most people do.’

Dom: Cheeky last one, What do you like to do outside of the gym? When you’re switched off, away from all the hype, what do you do for you?
Liam: ‘My favourite thing to do when I don’t have a fight coming up is definitely to go on holiday with my girlfriend or mates to enjoy too much food and drink haha’

What a dude! Gets to kick people’s faces off and go on holiday all the time haha, must be alright for some ;). I’m only joking, I can’t believe he is only 21 man, it’s absolute crazy to think that someone 7 years younger that what I am at the moment is primed and ready to descale people who have a crazy amount of experience than them.

It just goes to show that belief in your own hard work can pay. I mentioned in the video I posted about Haggerty fighting Sam-A, on paper is was outlandish to think that he stood a chance but just look at what happens when these younger, hungrier lads are given the chances. Upset.

I’m looking forward to following Liam’s journey this year. All the best bro! If you would like to as well then head on over to his socials where you can find him sharing loads of fight related news and videos and stuff!

His Insta handle is @LiamMcGrandles

Photo Credit: Victory Promotions

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