Liam Harrison – ‘Low Kick tutorial’

Liam Harrison – ‘Low Kick tutorial’

Liam Harrison tutorial video

So for those of you who don’t know who Liam Harrison is, where the hell have you been hiding? He is currently the YOKKAO 65kg World champion and has been set to fight in October, none other than Fabio Pinca. These guys were incredible. I went down to Bad Co. a while ago now I just never did anything with the footage. Now that I am moving in the right direction I thought it was a good time to publish them after I had recently rediscovered them. I hope you enjoy watching these videos that I will be putting out, I think I have another three videos that will be put out over the next couple of days.

In this video Liam touches upon his bread and butter, the low kick. He is very well known for destroying peoples legs and this is only one aspect of the ‘science’ behind Liam’s destructive abilities. Liam is the best in the UK at his weight. He has fought some of the biggest names, the who’s who in the sport, Pakorn, Singdam, Anuwat, Tetsuya Yamato among many many more. His fight career spans two decades and has a wealth of knowledge.

I am excited to share this video with everyone. Please feel free to share the video with all your friends! If you are a fighter and would like to send us a technique video, it literally can be one minute long, then email us at and we can get it uploaded for you!

Thank you to the lads for taking the time out of their busy schedule to do these videos, got a few more on the way so watch this space! All of the lads were down to Earth and very easy to talk to. Cheers lads!


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3 thoughts on “Liam Harrison – ‘Low Kick tutorial’

  1. Good video. Liam once came down to our local gym in Burnley and did a tutorial night. It was a real good night. He shared some excellent tips and techniques.
    He’s a great fighter and superb instructor

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  3. thanks to sharing thid viddeo excellent tips and techniques.

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