Keith McLachlan vs Panicos Yusuf

Keith McLachlan vs Panicos Yusuf

Keith McLachlan will take on Panicos Yusuf at The Tankō Main Event.

McLachlan has been drawn in on a few weeks notice to fight Panicos Yusuf on May 14th at The Tankō Main Event in Bolton.

Keith McLachlan was crowned fighter of the year in 2015 and for a good reason! He

fights out of the Griphouse Gym in Glasgow and is the UK’s best at his weight. He has consistently been at the No.1 spot at his weight category and has been graces to go up in weight to find fights that is going to challenge him.

McLachlan training
An action shot of Keith McLachlan training

He is well known for his knockout ability and ability to take on a fight on late notice. This upcoming bout for Keith will probably be one of the toughest to date. Panicos Yusuf is the UK No.1 at 61kg also for a very good reason. He has recently been training at the world renowned Evolve gym in Singapore where there was a short video made about his time there.

Panicos is to fight McLachlan in May
Panicos Yusuf and his belts

The guys over at The Tankō Main Event have definitely got fight fans in for a treat in May as there are some fantastic domestic and international bouts planned and some titles on the line too! I am almost certain that this bout it going to be one that fight fans will definitely be looking forward to. I have watched McLachlan fight live a couple of times now and he always comes to entertain. I am sure that this time round will be no different! Panicos has been training fantastically hard for this and, again, I am sure that he will be bringing his A-Game to Bolton in May to want to take away the win in the fantastically matched A-Class Muay Thai bout.

Where will you be on May 14th? You should definitely be in Bolton at this event if you are a Muay Thai fan!

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