Fight of the week – Juan Cervantes on YOKKAO 17

Fight of the week – Juan Cervantes on YOKKAO 17

Juan Cervantes fight on YOKKAO 17

The fight video from YOKKAO 17 is an absolute beast!

So the YOKKAO 17 fights got released last week and I am excited to share this particular fight with you. I did an interview with Juan about his journey in Muay Thai and what a hit that was! I thought it only fair that I give this a share too!

Juan is an absolute beast, this isn’t the first time he has fought on the YOKKAO stage and with the crowds that it brings it is nothing short of amazing the reach that it can give. Juan trains hard for his fights and he is nothing short of fantastic when he is in the ring. When he said in his interview that he tries to make the other fighter not want to be in the ring with him I never seen what he had meant until this fight.

pictures from Juans fight
A compilation of photos from Juan’s fight on YOKKAO 17

You could see that Dan was a good Thai boxer, not that Juan isn’t, but you could see that Juan’s pace and determination was just too much for him! I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I did, I have watched it about 500 times now! I love to watch fights a few times so I can study them and get to know what they do and how they do it.

It recently got announced too that Juan’s coach and friend of mine Craig Jose is set to fight on the upcoming YOKKAO event in October. Craig retired just as I began training a couple of years back and I have always wondered what it would have been like to watch him fight. Now we will get to see it happen! If he creates machines like Juan then I am sure it will be something interesting to watch! Enjoy!

If you have a fight that you would like us to share then drop us an email and we will get it shared for you!

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