Jordan Watson – Muay Thai tutorial

Jordan Watson – Muay Thai tutorial

Jordan Watson, the current YOKKAO 70kg world champion, took the time to conduct a tutorial with MTBUK and we have it here for your viewing pleasure. He recently took the win over Ben Hodge at YOKKAO 20, and we are looking to use some of his techniques in the tutorial that he did for us here at MTBUK.

He talks about getting the leg across your opponents body to nullify their attacks. Definitely something worth doing if you are taking on someone who likes to use their hands quite a lot as he mentions in the tutorial video.

Jordan trains out of the YOKKAO Training Centre Bad Company Gym in Leeds – where his team mates, Liam Harrison, Stephen Meleady, Joe Craven and many more train there, it seems to be a place where good Muay Thai practitioners go to become great!

I would like to thank Jordan Watson for taking the time to run this tutorial and we look forward to hearing about his next appearance in the ring some time soon! Until then, give this tutorial a share and let people know that it is here for you. Hopefully we can come by again soon and get some more footage for everyone to benefit from!

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You can also find the full results from the recent YOKKAO event right here, there is also a video for you to watch featuring Jordan taking on UK No.1 Ben Hodge as the main event of YOKKAO 20. Until then, enjoy the tutorial and feel free to reach out if you would like to feature on the MTBUK website at

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