Jonathan Haggerty vs Sam-A ONE Championship

Jonathan Haggerty vs Sam-A ONE Championship

Jonathan Haggerty is an absolute beast. End of. I have been having a bit of a fan boy moment recently, it’s almost becoming a bit unhealthy but, hey, the dude is a flipping awesome fighter that is incredibly inspirational.

At a grand old age of 22, he recently shot to stardom and solidified his place in the elite when he began scalping some of the most feared names in the world of Muay Thai.

This fight is absolutely no different. I can’t imagine Jonathan Haggerty’s mindset going in to this fight. Fighting a guy who, on paper, is a million miles ahead of where this young chap was. with over 400 fights to his name, Sam-A was most definitely the bookies favourite to be taking back the win on this fight.

But Haggerty wasn’t there to mess about. A man with baaaaaad intentions. Every shot is sent in with the intent of ending his opponent in their tracks. It’s class. The fight IQ and intelligence of Jonathan is that of someone who has had 400 fights, but to have had, a fraction of that and confidently swing in those waters, it’s the stuff that dreams are made of!

Jonathan Haggerty was awarded the ‘Best performance of 2019’ by Chatri Sityodtong with this fight. Chatri is the Owner/founder of ONE Championship and is doing amazing things for the sport of MMA and Muay Thai. I like their approach to making Muay Thai suitable for the wider audience.

One thing I really like about Haggerty’s style is his use of the front leg. His teep is used beautifully in this fight and those elbows man… They cause utter destruction haha. In just under a weeks time, Jonathan Haggerty steps back in the ONE Championship ring to reclaim his world title.

He lost it in a very close fight against Rodtang after calling him out and making this fight happen. He is back in Bangkok now, preparing for his world title matchup on 6th Jan on the New Tomorrow card!

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