Jon Haggerty’s head kick KO at Roar Combat League!

Jon Haggerty’s head kick KO at Roar Combat League!

Jon Haggerty is one of them names that, for some, creates fear in the names of potential opponents. I have followed his journey for a little while now, while he was training for his fight on the Roar Combat League (RCL) earlier this month. RCL has been giving fighters in the South of England a fantastic platform to be able to showcase their abilities while being shared with the masses.

Roar Combat League which was held in the aptly named Colosseum in Watford had some of the top talent that the UK has to offer, Alex Bublea took on Dale Hughes to defend his RCL World title, Leyton Collymore went toe to toe with Liam Nolan after five hard fought rounds it finished as a unanimous decision in favour of the Manchester based fighter, Collymore.

Haggerty with his team after his win at Roar Combat League. (Photo credit Dave Fordisque)

The card was full of upcoming talent from across the UK and is always a pleasure to watch fighters clash and put their bodies on the line. The Haggerty and O’Connell fight was one to watch! If you blinked then you will probably have missed it. Both fighters came out of their corners and in the first exchange haggerty took the head off O’Connell with a lovely head kick which stunned his opponent.

Followed swiftly by two more head kicks that rendered his opponent unable to fight. Referee, Jesse Saunders, jumped in at this point, edging away Haggerty’s final attempt at putting his opponent to sleep. I’m not too sure why Haggerty didn’t fight Ja from Kiatphontip gym in Leeds on this show but, that was the original match up. Ja, who has already beaten the UK No.1 last year on Andy Howson’s Science of 8 promotions show, was set to take on the UK No.2 and was dubbed the most betted on Muay Thai fight in UK history. This stoppage on RCL just goes to show that Haggerty deserves to be where he is.

He is number 2 in the UK now at -55kg; do we think we may see Dan McGowan defend his number one spot against this young lad from Team Underground? Or may we see Haggerty go head to head with Ja and fulfil all those bets that have gone unsatisfied. It is very apparent that both fights in the featherweight division would bring in the crowds and have explosive consequences for both fighters! So, there are two very interesting match-ups potentially in the pipeline. Maybe the promoters out there would need to get these matches made!

In the meantime, I would keep an eye on both Haggerty and Roar Combat League as both are destined for great things. Watch this fight and make sure you don’t blink as you will definitely miss the action once the bell rings!

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