John Wayne Parr to fight on MTGP 5

John Wayne Parr to fight on MTGP 5

So there is something special going down in June of this year. John Wayne Parr will be hitting our shores to fight on the MTGP show at the O2 arena against the Greece’s best Pavlos Kaponis in a full Muay Thai rule bout at 74kg.

Now to put this into perspective for those who might not know who John Wayne Parr is, he is like the David Beckham or Lionel Messi of the Muay Thai world and the fact he is coming to fight on MTGP is just awesome! He is considered to be one of the best western fighters. I posted his ‘Blessed with Venom’ documentary on here last week, if you haven’t a

JWP with his titles
John Wayne Parr with his titles and trophies

lready seen it I would definitely recommend you head over and give it a watch. JWP has fought the worlds best, I could begin to list a few but I could go on forever to see him coming to our shores fighting on MTGP is nothing short of incredible. His fight record stands at an impressive 124 fights and 93 of those being wins. He is a 10x world champion in his respective weight and is definitely no stranger to the world of professional fighting.

Pavlos Kaponis is equally as impressive and comes with a 64 fight record 55 of those being wins. Kaponis has held various world titles himself, WMC I-1, WAKO PRO Kick Boxing and I.M.C Championship as well as promoting some of the best events in Greece.

The last MTGP show went down an absolute storm, it saw the return of Damien Trainor who fought against the Spanish Adrian Lopez and took the win. You can see the full fight video here. MTGP 3 also saw the UK prodigy Dan McGowan take on The USA star Victor Saravia. There was a bit of controversy around the McGowan Saravia fight, some said that it was lucky but I can honestly say that you can’t plan things like that, Dan got rocked then put his foot on the gas and ended up stopping the fight with some nasty elbows. Watch the fight here and you can tell us below what you thought.

Pavlos Kaponis who will fight on MTGP
Kaponis with his titles

There were so many other great fights that night and I would recommend that you head over to their site and check them out right here, I can promise that you will definitely have a few hours of some world class entertainment. I seriously cannot wait for this event in June, I am going to have to try and sort out some tickets to get down and get them quickly as I can imagine this is definitely going to be a sell out!

MTGP is doing great things for Muay Thai in the UK, it is the first event to be televised in the UK and bringing names like John Wayne Parr to our shores is just another reason that it is breaking all kinds of records. It’s events like these that we have to thank because they bring the best of the best and put Muay Thai on the map! This is going to be a fantastic show, we at MTBUK can’t wait for it and look forward to the other fights that they will be releasing in the coming weeks!

Here is a fight of JWP’s, this was supposed to be his retirement back in 2012… that went well :D:

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