John Wayne Parr’s – Blessed with Venom

John Wayne Parr’s – Blessed with Venom

John Wayne Parr’s ‘Blessed with Venom’, for me has a special place in my Muay Thai journey.

This was the first Muay Thai documentary that I ever watched. It was then that my world opened. I really wanted to go to the mother land to train Muay Thai. I beat myself up for days that I never discovered Muay Thai earlier than I did because I had missed out on the opportunity to train while being young and to learn the great things that Muay Thai and the Thai boxing way of life teaches you.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get to know what training Muay Thai is all about by one of the world’s most renowned Thai boxers John Wayne Parr. In the documentary you find out the JWP’s name isn’t actually John Wayne Parr and you get to know how he began his long journey to become one of the greats! Seeing some of his first fights in the videos is great!

This is in the description of the video that JWP shared on YouTube: “Very happy to share my documentary Blessed with Venom which was released 2011. We travel to Thailand to visit my old camp Loomingkwan in Nonthaburi. We were allowed special permission to enter Lumpinee stadium before it was open to relive some memories of fighting there. I am also lucky to interview Yodsanklai about our fights together, Lamsongkan, Saenchai, and Songchai.
Lot’s of old fight footage from Thailand, Contender, and Australia.
When the documentary was released in Australia it screened in selected cinemas across Australia for two weeks. Now I am happy to share it with the world on youtube for free.”

What do you think of JWP’s Blessed with Venom documentary? Is there another documentary that you would like to see featured on Muay Thai Blog? Let us know in the comments below!



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