Jamie Bates wins GLORY 40 debut against GLORY ranked #6, Richard Abraham!

Jamie Bates wins GLORY 40 debut against GLORY ranked #6, Richard Abraham!

Jamie Bates wins GLORY 40 debut against GLORY ranked #6, Richard Abraham!

Jamie Bates win Glory debut – Cast your mind back to March 11th in Grantham and we saw the Road to GLORY event give ten warriors a chance to fight on the biggest stage that the world has to offer. Kickboxing has seen a rapid growth in the past decade and the Road to GLORY was a golden opportunity for UK based fighters to have a chance to fight on the biggest kickboxing promotion, GLORY Kickboxing.

GLORY need no introduction to the combat sports world and have been leading the way in terms of production and calibre of fights that are showcased in the ring. Many combat sports practitioners, whether they be from a background in Muay Thai, Karate or Tae kwon Do, aspire to be on the GLORY stage, so to have an opportunity for some of the UK’s best to compete and qualify for a chance to win a two-fight contract with GLORY was a no-brainer.

The main event of the Road to GLORY show back in March was Kev Ward of Elite Gym in South Port vs Jamie Bates of Masaac Gym in County Durham. The fight went the distance with Bates edging the win over Ward, solidifying his place on the GLORY stage. Bates said at the time that “this is what he had been waiting for, this is his time now!”

Jamie Bates wins GLORY debut

This weekend saw Bates debut on GLORY as the main event in the Super Fight Series at GLORY 40 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Bates said, “it was an amazing experience from start to finish. GLORY make you feel welcome, the team are all great and easy to get along with and the structure is fantastic. You know exactly what you’re doing and when. It’s the best promotion I’ve ever worked with and look forward to working with them in the long-term future!”

Working towards the GLORY stage has been something that Jamie Bates has been working on since he began his journey in combat sports when he was just a child. Having fought on some of the biggest stages that the UK and Europe has to offer, SuperFight Series, SuperKombat and Respect World Series, Jamie Bates is here to fight the best and it has all been paving the way to this moment for him.

When Bates was asked about his time in the ring he said, “I relaxed as the fight went on, I put a lot of pressure on myself before to perform. It was the main event of the Super fight series and it was my first fight for Glory, I needed to make a statement, and I feel I did just that”

 The fight with Abraham went the distance but Bates was able to use his evasive manoeuvres and counters to make his mark as the main event on GLORY 40 and showing why he deserves to be at the top of his game.

Now that the dust is in the process of settling on the weekend and the social media frenzy is calming, the time to reflect has now began, “I’m chilling out this week, I haven’t had a rest yet this year, so it’s important to switch off this week mentally and physically. I’m leaving it up my team to make those decisions (who will be fought next and when). I’ve asked for the Madison square garden card, let’s hope I get it!”

Bates has done fantastically well to get where he is and now sees GLORY as his chance to show the world that he is there to stay! A well-deserved win by Jamie Bates this weekend, may now see him in Madison Square Garden in July on GLORY 43. Muay Thai Blog will be following Bates’ journey closely so make sure you subscribe to the Muay Thai Blog Newsletter to be kept up to date with all things related with the North East based kickboxer who is making waves on the world stage!

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