Jake Purdy interview with MTBUK

Jake Purdy interview with MTBUK

Jake Purdy interview with MTBUK

Jake Purdy interview: This gentleman’s name has quickly become a name recognised both in the UK and on the international Muay Thai scene. Last year has been a busy year for Jake Purdy, he has managed to solidify his place as the UK No.1 at 72.5kg with a successful defence of it too. He is looking to take the sport by storm, wanting to bring his clinical approach to fighting to the big stage and he is doing exactly that!

Cast your mind back 18 months and Jake Purdy name was somewhat unknown, he had been fighting locally but hadn’t been given the opportunity, for whatever reason, to fight on the big stage. That all changed when YOKKAO gave him the chance to challenge the UK No.1 at the time, Soloman Wickstead. Since then Jake Purdy has gone on to take multiple wins against notable opponents and began pushing his career in a direction that is now set for great things.

MTBUK got the chance to catch up with Jake and this is what he had to say about his journey so far, his breakthrough and where he sees himself developing over the next couple of years:

“I first started Muay Thai when I had just turned Fifteen, I had been doing amateur boxing locally for a couple years previously and eventually got bored and wanted to move onto something different. I wanted to try MMA, but my mum wouldn’t let me, she said it was ‘too violent’, little did she know Muay Thai is pretty violent too! I instantly loved the sport and trained as much as I could, my life style changed drastically from this point; I stopped going out and getting in trouble and focused on training. I never missed a session, after not too long I had my first fight winning by KO. My second fight was two weeks later but with bare shins for the first time which I also won by TKO with a body kick, that w

Jake Purdy and Joss Stone

as 4 years ago. I’ve been working hard ever since. I just love all of it, the weeks of hard grind leading up to the fight, pushing yourself to the limit every day. The hype behind the fight and the buzz it gives you when you win. I also have goals to reach and I won’t stop fighting until I have reached all of them!! 

My fight record as a pro is 27W 7L 1D. I’m currently the UK #1 at 72.5kg, WBC world ranked #10 at 72.5kg, Golden Belt European champion at 72.5kg, National S1 tournament champion at 72.5kg and S1 Champion at 72.5kg.

My biggest challenge and accomplishment would be my debut on YOKKAO 15 against Soloman Wickstead, I was relatively unknown at the time and had previously been struggling to get fights on the big shows, anyway I took the fight on 3 weeks’ notice. No one believed in me apart from my coaches and myself, everyone had Soloman down to win and I just felt that everyone was against me. The fight its self was a very hard fight but I settled in the later rounds and won on points. Winning on points made me the new #1 and gained me the support and recognition I knew I deserved from the rest of the UK. So, this, in my eyes, is the biggest challenge I have had to overcome and accomplishment along with getting world ranked! 

2016 has been a great year for me, I’ve had a lot of pull outs but I’ve won 3 fights against high quality fighters, Wickstead on YOKKAO, Hamish Willey (French #1) and Brad Stanton (UK #2). I have also lost to 2 high calibre fighters, Regian Eersel for a world title on Lion Fight and Kriss Talingham (70 fight veteran) on Enfusion. I’ve also been world ranked and signed a contract with YOKKAO as a Next Gen fighter. I’m very happy with the year I’ve had and the success that continues to grow. 

Well to start the year off I’m heading off to my second gym Sitsongpeenong, in Thailand, for two and a half months. I’m prepping now to get ready to fight in January, hopefully a high-profile fight or two. My first fight in the UK will be on jake-purdy-hand-wrappedYOKKAO, my opponent hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s been a couple years in the making now. I have other very high profile fights pretty much confirmed on UK soil and abroad but I can’t talk about them yet unfortunately but they are all massive fights so watch out! 

I would like to fight Jordan Watson in October on YOKKAO but the fight has already been declined by his team for their own reasons, besides Jordan, I want to take on as many big named fighters as possible, and continue to successfully defend my #1 spot.

I’m going from strength to strength and improving all the time, I just want to keep doing what I’m doing working hard and fighting as regularly as possible, 3 years’ time I see myself as the current UK #1 still but maybe at a different weight(??). Who knows, we will see. A lot higher in the world rankings and a much more accomplished, decorated and experienced fighter, the next few years is going to be very exciting for me I think. 

 I’d just like to thank everyone from my gym FSC and the other Muay Thai gyms in Devon, Bristol and Cornwall who are planning to come up and support me on my next YOKKAO fight on March 25th. Everyone says we have the most vocal crowd and it inspires me to have you there, also all my friends, family, coaches and my sponsors YOKKAO and Addicted Clothing for the continued support.”

Jake Purdy is destined to go to the top and MTBUK wish him all the best in his future as a professional fighter! I would also like to thank him for taking time to write the answers to my questions. I look forward to catching up with him at the YOKKAO show in March and wish him all the best training in Thailand.

He is a true gentleman and such a good lad. Here you can see him fighting Soloman Wickstead for the second time at YOKKAO last year and solidifying his place as the UK No.1 at 72.5kg. Jake Purdy interview, Jake Purdy interview, Jake Purdy interview, Jake Purdy interview, Jake Purdy interview, Jake Purdy interview Jake Purdy interview Jake Purdy interviewJake Purdy interview 

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