Jake Purdy Crowned new European Champ!

Jake Purdy Crowned new European Champ!

Jake Purdy crowned new European Champion

So this weekend saw Jake Purdy crowned as the new European Champion. He is making his name known, yet again, within the Muay Thai world. Jake took on Hamish Wiley in what he describes as “tough close fight” for a European title.

Over these past couple of years Jake has been making his name well known on the Muay Thai scene, both in the UK and overseas. He recently solidified his spot at the UK No.1 spot after defeating Soloman Wickstead for a second time at YOKKAO in March. At the bottom of the article you can see the first time that the two went head to head.

There seemed to be a bit of bad blood between the two but it all got laid to rest when they both went head to head in March, both parties had chance to prepare properly for the fights as the last time Jake got pulled in on late notice and Soloman just seemed out of character. It seemed on the night the better man took the win and what will be will be. I am sure Soloman would like to meet Jake again in the future to see if he can reclaim that number one spot, but thats just my own opinion.

This weekend saw Jake Purdy take on the Frenchman for a European title. I am excited to see what is next for Jake, his career in the fight game is going from strength to strength! I am looking forward to see what these next few years bring to him as he comes into his own and begins to hone his skills as a Muay Thai fighter.

Jake getting his hands wrapped for the title bout
Jake getting his hands wrapped for the title bout

I had a quick catch up with Jake Purdy about his fight and how it went, if there were any challenges and what is next for him:

MTBUK: How was the fight?
Jake Purdy: “The fight was probably one of my toughest to date, my opponent hamish is ranked #1 in France and was tough as nails, I remember hitting him with a couple massive knees and a massive body shot and from there I new I wasn’t going to be able to stop him, he kept coming! My corner told me before round 5 that it was very close to call, they thought I had it but wanted me to do more to be sure, I was really tired by this point, I knew I was going to have to dig deep this round. I went out and gave it all I had coming forward more and being as active as I could, throwing switch kicks, teeps and stepping knees. By the end of the round, I didn’t doubt in my head that I had won, neither did Hamish, we was both jumping around celebrating. The fight in general was a super close fight but I got the majority decision and I think it’s my body kicks and teeps that won me it, I’m really happy that I won but I wasn’t happy with my performance overall. I think I learnt a lot from this fight and I will be straight back to the gym continuing on improving and bettering myself.”

MTBUK: What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome, either in the ring or in camp?
Jake Purdy: “The biggest thing I had to overcome was fighting a southpaw, we worked a game plan a lot in the gym and we had sparring partners come down so I could spar southpaw too, which really helped, but it still was hard to adapt too. My whole fight camp ran very smoothly, I done everything

Jake Purdy and Joss Stone
Jake Purdy and Joss Stone

right And I was in peak condition and very confident going into the fight.”

MTBUK: What’s next for you mate?
Jake Purdy: “I got a few more big fights coming up this year and only one of them has been announced, I can’t reveal them yet but they are BIG fights, my next professional fight is on Andy Howsons promotion against a Thai. I’m looking to stay as active as I can and fight the BEST 70 kilo and 72.5 kilo fighters in the divisions !! I’ve had a great year so far and am confident that it will only get better and I’ll keep turning heads so stay tuned!!”

MTBUK: Any final words? Thanks to anyone or anything?
Jake Purdy: “A massive thanks to everyone who helped me in training, my family, friends and coaches, who helped and supported me on the night and in the build up.”

Thank you to Jake for taking the time out to answer a few questions from me, he is awesome! Someone that is definitely worth watching out for! Not only is he quickly making a name for himself but he is also becoming known in the world of local celebrities, Joss Stone was keen to get a photo taken with him to celebrate his win!

Jake's personal training poster
Jake’s personal training poster

He is now advertising his services. Not the kind that immediately jump to mind when you read that but that of a Muay Thai ilk. He is offering 1-2-1 Muay Thai training sessions to help develop and hone your skill-set. Be you an experienced fighter or someone who is wanting to take their first step into the ring or if you are wanting to lose weight or generally improve your fitness.

I am heading to Muay Thai Kings Champions Collide and Jake will be there, I look forward to having a proper catch up with him! I wish him all the best in the future and these coming years as they are set to be fantastic for him!

You can find Jake on Facebook here, I would definitely recommend checking him out and watching some of his fights. When the fight gets posted I will update this article with the fight video for sure!! I am positive it will be one that will excite the viewers. Watch this space for some upcoming news from Jake. A little birdie told me that he has an annoucement coming very soon 😉

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