Interview with new British Champ Dakota Ditcheva

Interview with new British Champ Dakota Ditcheva

Interview with ISKA British Champion Dakota Ditcheva

Dakota is a legend in her own right. She is doing things for the sport that I can only hope to be able to achieve. She is bringing Muay Thai to the masses be it through interviews in magazines or photoshoots for athletes. She is a young lady that is set for great things, things that will be, in 20 years time, be looked back and thought incredibly high about.

Not only is she a fantastic person to be able to talk to but she is about as mean as they come. She is destroying girls in her weight category and dominating her game. So much so that her name is getting very very well known. She won this fight by second round knockout. We had chance to catch up about a few areas, whats next for her, where she aims to be, what fight prep was like and stuff.

One thing I can say about the interview is an apology really, looking back on the video it looks like I have lost interest and gone for a casual stroll through my Facebook news feed but I can assure that isn’t the case. I was looking at the questions that I was wanting to ask Dakota. Being new to interviewing, I wanted to make sure I got it right.

There was a change in the plan that meant I had to change everything last minute, I was already nervous about speaking to everyone and interviewing them but to have a change last minute and have to edit everything and think of new questions to ask was incredibly daunting because I didn’t want to look like a complete novice.

But life is for learning, I will know for next time that I have to be prepared for any situation, pre/post fight questions and ones that I was hoping to get to know them with too. The more people practice, the better people get. They say it takes 10,000 hours to master what it is you are trying to learn and to say this is my first every experience doing something like that… It could have gone worse ha ha.

So please accept my apology for looking at my phone, I didn’t mean to come across ignorant or uninterested and in hindsight I will be much more mindful of what I am doing. Dakota is an amazing human being, one that I am very thankful for getting the chance to talk to, hopefully next time round will be a bit of an improvement but until then, I hope you enjoy the interview with Dakota Ditcheva the new ISKA British champion and a massive well done. I wish you all the best in your future and I hope you smash it up in Sweden!!!

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