The importance of Shadow Boxing

The importance of Shadow Boxing

Shadow boxing is an essential part of anyone’s training in Muay Thai or other combat sport. It allows the trainee to put into practice the things they have learned recently and take the time to process movements, counters, attacks all while not in a situation where you are in danger.

The beauty of shadow boxing, is that, it can be done anywhere. Granted it is mainly done in the comfort of the gym with your training partners around you but realistically speaking it could be done anywhere that you have a spare few minutes if you would like to brush up on a certain technique.

Everyone should set some time aside in every training session to do some shadow boxing, it is imperative that you have the time to practice and drill all aspects of your game. Take the time to vision how you will attack, or plan how you will step out to the side and counter, imagine your opponent coming at you making you check that kick or cover from the hook.

shadow boxing in the mirror
Shadow boxing in the mirror to watch and learn.

The mental aspect of training can be overlooked and often is. There could be a whole article written on the mental side of the game and shadow boxing would just be one aspect of it. Going through things in your head over and over will implant the motions in your mind and will make it more fluid the next time you do it. Putting it into practice without having the actual pressure of someone wanting to hit you also will drill it deeper into your mind so when you come to do it when you are in a situation where you might get hit that it has become second nature.

If you implement shadow boxing into every training session you will soon see the benefits. The techniques you use will become more natural and you will feel more confident in what you are doing. Also you can take the time to try new things, things that you may not be experienced enough with to want to try with someone, maybe a technique that you haven’t particularly drilled a great deal or you may have seen it on a YouTube video and fancy giving it a try yourself. All of this can work towards making you a better fighter.

Shadow boxing to practice
Shadow boxing to practice movements and mental visualisation.

It also helps provide control of your movements too, you have to think about every muscle that you use to put a certain technique into play. Which muscles you use to lift your leg and turn your hips into the roundhouse kick or the slight step in you take when you drive the elbow through the middle. All the smaller things that you do that you may overlook when you are sparring or doing some pad work. Thinking about every movement and breaking it down step by step will make it perfect. It doesn’t all have to be done right away, if you are training 6 days a week it can go from something as small as an idea to in a couple of weeks being able to successfully implement the attack.

How do you go around making time for your shadow boxing? What do you do during that time? Is there something you feel like sharing? Drop us a comment below and share it with the community!!

Check out this video of shadow boxing to give you an idea of what it is like and how to put it into action in your training regime. This video is from Paul Banasiak who runs the Muay Thai Athele website. Enjoy the video:

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