I got knocked the f*ck out!

I got knocked the f*ck out!

So as we know, Muay Thai is no game. It isn’t for the faint-hearted. This was proven to me on May 11th when I stepped BACK into the ring. It was a small, local show with lots of fighters from around the North East and beyond, coming together to throw down and show the local community what they had been working on in the gym.

Twins Academy is run by former fighter, Jordan Williams. Based in County Durham, the academy has been going from strength to strength since Jordan’s take over last year. Twins Academy was Erawan Academy but owner, Steve Wright stepped down due to other personal commitments and Jordan was asked to step in.

I have seen Jordan Williams fight before, he fought Gary Laws on DUEL GP a couple of years ago. Shortly after this, he decided to make the decision to retire from fighting and pursue other avenues, which, in turn, lead him to own a gym and teac.

I was matched to fight on this show in around March time. We were about 6/7 weeks out from the event and there was plenty of time to get a decent fight camp in and prepare. I was matched to fight against an opponent from The Griphouse and I was VERY excited to get back in the ring and put myself to the test.

Little did I know what was to come. Knowing that fighters from The Grip are good clinchers, I was somewhat prepared for a fighter who likes to clinch. My opponent was about 6ft 3in or something and very faint-hearted. Apparently, he had good long knees. I can now, with confidence say, that he has good, rangey knees.

First round was questionable. I just couldn’t get going. I wasn’t able to find my groove. Partly down to my own confidence in there and also down to eating a big knee in the opening seconds. I survived the first round and Juan, who was in my corner, said that I just needed to get moving, get active and use my kicks to keep him at a distance.

Preventing him from clinching and utilising my own strengths was key to success in the fight but… in the second round, it was about to change. I was finding my rhythm and I was beginning to land some attacks. Leg kicks, even a few punches got in too! As we were drawing towards the end of the second round, I had moved into a corner of the ring.

I was leaning back slightly and tries to move out of the corner but my opponent had sent in one of his ridiculous knees and it seemed to ricochet off my chest and onto my face. Being a C-Class fight, knees to the head weren’t actually allowed and in hindsight, the fight should have probably been declared a no-contest due to the headshot, but that doesn’t really bother me to be honest.

At least I can say that I have been knocked out now. To be honest, I wouldn’t really recommend it. However, it is something that I have always wondered about.

How does it feel? What do you experience? Do you remember it?

Weird. Not much and YES!!

It was a very surreal experience for me but as soon as I came round from the blackness, I was fine! Wanting to take a picture in the ring and get ready to share the experience with everyone. My mum was there and freaked OUT! She doesn’t usually swear but oh my goodness. She was calling me that day, that’s for sure!

She was actually quite disturbed by the whole experience and she went on to tell me that she probably won’t be coming back to see me fight again but to see as her watching my boys while I go training is her method of support. Which, for me, is absolutely fine. I can train!! This means I can fight! This means I can share the experience with you!

I am already matched to fight in July now on the Legions event. It will be in a cage. Another C-Class fight at my lightest weight yet, 72kg! I am walking around at the moment around 77kg with just over 8 weeks to go until we go at it again.

I’m not allowed to spar for the next few weeks due to the nature of the knockout but I will have around 4 weeks of sparring and head contact to help prepare for the fight. I am concentrating on getting fitter, faster and more technical in these early stages of camp.

It’s nice to review previous performances, see where I went wrong and work on those areas. This time it is fitness. Confidence in myself. Anything is possible when you work hard at something. Believe in yourself and your dreams WILL come true!

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