I can’t believe I actually did it!

I can’t believe I actually did it!

So back in April, I made the crazy decision to try my hand (knees and kicks) at Muay Thai. ‘Try my hand?’ It sounds almost crazy to say try my hand at Muay Thai. Muay Thai isn’t something you simply try. It takes hard work and determination. Commitment to your goal and seeing it right through is the most important factor here.

Working out the rest will come. The Fat Lad to Fighter journey began back in April and what a crazy 8 months it has been. I can honestly say, I am a completely different person to the one I was back then. Not just physically but emotionally too.

Me way back in April this year

Having gone through these past 8 months and survived, I can safely say that I am very much looking forward to what the future will have in store. The journey as a whole has been one that I would recommend to anyone and everyone. I don’t mean the journey of losing weight and fighting.

I mean the journey of setting yourself a goal, whatever that goal may be, start a new job, improve mental health, spend more time with family, get fit, whatever your dreams, today is the day to start making steps towards them. I was 97kg (215lbs) at the beginning of the year, I am now comfortably sitting around 77kg (170lbs) and feel much MUCH better for it.

“I can honestly say, I am a completely different person to the one I was back then.”

Its amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it. This year I have had two different jobs, I have stepped away from a business I was building, started a new business and more. One thing I have taken from the whole experience is that goal setting is really really important.

Early on, setting smaller goals, losing X amount of weight, work on this in training, run this far this week etc set up for success further down the line by setting milestones, progress was trackable and manageable. I started very enthusiastically, making regular videos and posting on social media regularly but in the middle section of the year, darkness surrounded.

Darkness in that I wasn’t in a position to do what I needed to do to train, work and post/edit videos etc. I had just lost my job of 5 years and was struggling to adapt to the new direction my life was taking. I am a firm believer of everything happens for a reason and letting fate run its course.

This helped me just have faith that I was doing the right thing and I really had to buckle down and concentrate for that length of time. The beauty of this whole endeavour was that there was a deadline. By the 9th December, it would all be over and I would have competed. I just kept telling myself to get through, survive until 9th December.

There is just so much to talk about, the beginning, middle and end of the whole journey deserve their own sections so I will structure a couple of articles to share an insight into each of the steps and seasons of the Fat Lad to Fighter journey.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say WE DID IT!! Thank you to everyone who messaged, commented, liked, came to see the fight and everyone else in between. My coaches at Northern Kings, Lee Axon (T4 Training), Spoonhead Nutrition, Sok Sai (for my amazing Fat Lad shorts) and Victory Promotions for having me on their show.

The feeling of getting your hand raised after so much hard work is such an amazing feeling and I can only relate that to finally achieving something that you set and worked incredibly hard towards. You can do anything you set your mind to and with the next chapter in my life just beginning, I believe the resilience I have learned over this year has equipped me for the next exciting journey.

As 2019 draws closer and closer, what goals will you be setting yourself for the new year?

You can catch the interview I did with Sean Fagan and Paul Banasiak on the Muay Thai Guys podcast below. It is as the live feed from Facebook. I get completely distracted so many times while talking about the journey. I would talk and talk and then forget the question I would get asked and have to ask what the question was again.

It is always amazing getting to talk with Sean and Paul, two gentlemen that are very successful within the world of Muay Thai and I hope my small amount of insight can help someone take that step to achieve the goals that they have been longing to, whether that be in fitness, life or work.

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