[GUEST POST] Finding a Muay Thai gym in Thailand

[GUEST POST] Finding a Muay Thai gym in Thailand

Finding a good Muay Thai gym is tough, especially with so many gyms. However, the first thing you should think about is what you are looking for. In this guest post for Muay Thai blog, we take a look at what the top 5 five Muay Thai gyms can offer you.

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Top 5 Muay Thai Training Camps

Are you a one-week tourist who just want to try the traditional Muay Thai training or you are young fighter looking to become world champion?

There will be a difference in the expectations between the two and that’s the reason why you will get different answers.

In this article, we will present you some of the best Muay Thai camps in Thailand with a short review for each of them.

Top 5 Muay Thai Training Camps

  1. Superpro Samui – Koh Samui

muay thai gym superpro

Superpro Samui is one of the best places to combine Muay Thai/MMA training with a holiday.

You have unlimited access to the gym and they accept people of all levels and ages.

Near to Chaweng – the best beach in Koh Samui’s area, making it the perfect locations for tourists who are in Thailand not just for training, but also for a holiday.

Superpro Samui located down a quiet street, amongst tall coconut palm trees, making it a perfect training environment for people who want to concentrate on their training.

Superpro Samui Official Website:

  1. F.A. Group Muay Thai Gym – Bankok

muay thai gym fa group

F.A. Group Muay Thai camp is situated in Chatuchak, Bankok near the Mo Chit BTS and MRT stations.

F.A Group is one of the best gyms for clinch game and knees.

They established themselves as a brand thanks to the Muay Thai legend Petchboonchu who trains right there. The gym itself is small and the main focus is the clinch game where you can train with a lot of high-level Thai boxers who fight regularly in the famous Lumpinee stadium in Bankok.

However, they target mainly intermediate and advanced athletes so if you are experienced fighter and you are looking for a hardcore gym to train at – this is a perfect choice.

But if you are a beginner taking a holiday to Thailand there are much better options which we will review in this article.

F.A Group Facebook Page:


  1. Monsoon Gym and Fight Club – Koh Tao

Monsoon Gym is situated in a beautiful coconut garden on Koh Tao – one of Trip Advisor’s top island destination for 2013. This gym is perfect for everybody who wants to combine training with the beauty of island holiday. Full western style gym offering Muay Thai, Boxing and MMA training, as well as fitness.

Monsoon Gym Official Website:

  1. Sasiprapa Muay Thai Gym – Bankok

muay thai gym sasiprapa

Sasipra Muay Thai Gym is one of the most established Muay Thai camps in the world. They have been in the business for over 40 years and are famous for producing champions.  The most notable fighter that trains there right now is Rungravee Sasiprapa.

Their prices for one session is 400 baht and for one month – 12 000 which can come a little bit expensive for some.

Facebook Page:

  1. Khongsittha Muay Thai Gym – Bankok

muay thai gym khongsittha

Khongsittha is a great place for beginners and for people who just want to feel the traditional Thai culture. The gym is meant to be more of a “Muay Thai School” rather than fighters place. However, they offer a fighters package which is probably good but it’s a little bit on the expensive side.

A notable fighter who trains there is Sueadam. You can see him in the video below.

If you are looking for hardcore Muay Thai gym, you should probably look elsewhere. However, if you want to learn a thing or two about Muay Thai in a friendly non-intimidating atmosphere this is the go-to place.

Official website:

Few thing to consider when choosing Muay Thai camp

  1. Location 

If you are in Thailand strictly for Muay Thai then the location is of less importance. But if you want to be a tourist as well, enjoying beautiful sights, beaches and nightlife you should choose a place which combines all of this features.

  1. Trainers and Atmosphere

Having a good trainer is extremely important if you want to develop your skills. Everyone has different criteria for choosing the best trainer. Some will like strict trainers to push them, while others want more laid back trainers, focusing more on technique.

Anyway, make sure to do your research right.

If you are tourist and fairly new to Muay Thai you probably want a good friendly atmosphere with nice trainers and partners. Don’t go to some hardcore camp because you want to be tough. You may find yourself getting overlooked by the trainers and skipping workouts because of this.

  1. Training Partners 

The best option is to have training and sparring partners who are at your level or slightly better. If you go to a gym full of professional fighters you will find yourself in a tough spot.  Sparring and clinching with people who are better than you is a good thing. However, if you train with people who are out of your world in terms of skills, you might soon feel discouraged and demotivated.

Of course, if you want to be a fighter – go to a gym full of fighters and give your best every day. However, if you want to be a fighter then you most probably have at least intermediate skills. Therefore, you will find suitable partners.

  1. Gym Facility

The gym must be clean, well-maintained and with appropriate equipment. Thailand is a tropical country and there might be a lot of bacteria that spreads on the surface of the gym. That is why it’s extremely important to be clean and maintained. Otherwise, you might catch some skin infection or some other disease that can ruin your vacation.

Final tips

Do your research carefully. Once you find a gym you are interested in, check their website, prices, location, facility, and trainers. Don’t pay upfront and don’t stay in the particular gym if you happen to not like it.

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