Guess who is fighting again?!

Guess who is fighting again?!

I can’t quite believe I’m writing this article. I said as we entered 2020 that I would be ready for opportunities. Ready to be stepping back into the ring and putting myself to the test. We all started back training this week and I have begun running again which means that we are moving again. It felt great to be back active. Its mad how much I miss it when I’m not able to get in. 

When we were all in the gym on Monday, Craig asked those of us who wanted to be fighting this year to put their hands up. All but three people raised their hands and, wow. What a feeling man. He said he now has 24 fighters in the gym which is just incredible. A lot of those are a C-Class level but it still means, a big chunk of his attention will be taken up by matching and coaching the fighters in the gym. 

It was hinted at, that we might not get as many fights in this year as we may hope just because of the amount of people now wanting to fight in the gym at the moment. That being said, I’ve got my sights set on five fights this year as a minimum so not fighting that many times is not an option really. 

So anyway, fast forward to Tuesday (the day after we were totalled up) and I get a message off Craig while I’m at work… “You wanna fight on 8th Feb?” … Uhmmmmm, well, yeah, I do!! I want to be willing to take opportunities. I don’t mind about who, what where, what weight and all the questions that come AFTER the agreement to fight. My initial reaction to being asked if I want to fight, is always… YES!!

So, he tells me a little bit more about the fight… 72.5kg, Widnes, Pro-Am… At this point, I’m really interested… Then he throws in that it is a 4-man tournament. Oh, my days. I start second thinking my initial reaction of agreeing to the fight because I know exactly who is fighting in this tournament. I’m friends with two of them and have sparred with the another a little while back. 

After speaking with the affected parties and a few close friends I realised that it was the right decision that was made. We will be taking the fight. Going to war twice in one night. The other participants in the tournament, were, I thought, a bit more experienced than me but after speaking with a few people, I have realised they are at a similar level. 

I want the challenge. I want to be tested. I want to be seen to be actively seeking tests where I can showcase my skillset and just have some fun in the ring really. Oh, and the tournament is a winner takes all £1000 prize money too. I can’t wait! 

I announced it today in my Instagram live video and boy oh boy did I get excited! So not only do we have these two bouts lined up, Craig also asked me about the end of Feb… whether I would be up for another fight at the end of Feb on the 29th up in Glasgow!

SO now… I went from being worries that I wouldn’t be hitting my target, to potentially been matched to fight three fights before the end of next month! As I said at the beginning of the article… I can’t quite believe it. I feel very lucky to be given the opportunity to compete and to be given the chance to step up to Pro-Am, compete in Full Thai Rules with elbow pads.

I personally feel a little overwhelmed by the challenge initially. It seemed like a mountain to climb to be ready to fight with elbows and knees to the head but what I tell people is that, when your coach knows you’re ready, he will ask you the question… Now he has asked me the question, I have to respond by getting back into the gym and implementing my new training regime and plans. 

I am still looking for sponsors to help me with the journey and have packages available if you would like to have a little look through them then by all means get in touch. I would love to be able to help you help me! 

In the meantime, head over to the Fat Lad socials and get subscribed, followed and liked on the platforms and make sure you keep up to speed with what’s going on! So much happening, my mind is constantly on fire with ideas and things I need to be doing.

Not long until we are back in there then! 8th Feb we go to war in a 4-man tournament fighting under Pro-Am rules at 72.5kg, them dropping down to 70kg for the first time for the fight I’m having in Glasgow on the event run by John Craig. Already three in the diary, let’s get it onnnnnnn!

When I get details of tickets and stuff I will be updating them into the Muay Thai Blog Shop for you to purchase them from so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for updates 🙂

Fat Lad… OUT!

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