Frankie Hudders solidifies his legacy

Frankie Hudders solidifies his legacy

Frankie Hudders fought this weekend and solidified his legacy as one of the best UK Muay Thai fighters.

Frankie fought the Italian legend Diego Calzolari in a comeback fight that saw fight fans keen to see how the fight would pan out!

Frankie, Diego and Yogendra

So this weekend history was made, Frankie Hudders solidified his place in Muay Thai history, he fought the Italian legend Diego Calzolari. The show was in Birmingham this Saturday 23rd April in a Last man Standing and Muay Thai super fights event put on by Yogendra Parekh.

From what I have seen it was a cracking event, there were bouts from various disciplines but it was predominantly a Thai rule event. Frankie fought and won comfortably, he won by KO in round three by a disastrous elbow.

I have followed Frankie’s training journey on his social media site and he has been training in his gym in Manchester and he also trained out in Thailand for a couple of weeks at the YOKKAO training centre in Bangkok. The transformation that he went through was quite impressive.

I saw a video that was posted on Facebook him thanking the fans for coming out and showing their support for him and, I must say, they were out in force! You could tell what it meant to him, fighting one last time. All the lads he trains, Chris Whittle, Soloman Wickstead and Dale Hughes were all in his corner and all posting comments to the effect: “Proud of the boss man” “If I am half the fighter Frankie is I will have made it” and so on. Frankie’s passion shines through and you can see that when he is in the corner of his fighters and surely enough when he throws down in the ring.

Yogendra Parekh posted on Facebook about the fight: “The stars of the show of course we’re the Legends Frankie Hudders and Diego Calzolari the bout lived upto all the hype and put on a great fight, with Frankie gaining the victory, certainly no losers in this fight as both guys are constant professionals in and out of the ring and inspirations to all of us, congratulations guys you done yourselves, gyms, families and countries proud.”

Frankie Hudders
Frankie and his friends

It is awesome to see this legacy be solidified now. Frankie was going down in history anyway but at 40 years old, He has definitely secured his place in many peoples hearts for being one of the best fighters the UK has seen! Maybe this won’t be the end for Frank. Maybe now he has been back in the ring for the first time in years he might get the itch back and want to get back in the ring again for ‘one final bout.’  Who knows!

Until then though you can head over to YouTube and watch his fancy work or click on the below video and watch the fights. I would definitely head over to his Facebook to keep up to date with what he and his gym is up to. They are always putting out fantastic fighters, some of the above being just a few.

Well done Frankie mate!

This is Frankie’s walk out highlight video that is going around on Facebook at the moment:




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