Flo Muay Thai Boxing Glove – Review from Fight Quality

Flo Muay Thai Boxing Glove – Review from Fight Quality

Flo Muay Thai Boxing Glove – Review from Fight Quality

As we all know, Fightlab recently opened their UK based online store, which is STILL offering free delivery on orders over £50 in the UK! Fight Quality recently got their hands on a pair of the Fightlab Flo Muay Thai Boxing glove and has written a few words about the set of gloves that they were sent.

All in all it was a very positive review of the Fightlab gloves, the only negative things that were said about them really was the lack of options when it comes to choosing colours and that there was no inner lining around the wrist other than that, FQ gave a glowing review for the Thailand based brand.

Fighlab Muay Thai Gloves

Fightlab do more than just gloves, you can find an array of different types of equipment that you would need for your training, shin pads, clothing, accessories, focus mitts, thai pads and the list goes on and on.

I would, with this review recommend heading over to their website and checking out their ever-growing range of equipment. Fightlab announced recently that they have just sponsored 5x world kickboxing champion Kev Ward and are working with Victory Promotions on their upcoming show in April.

Both Fightlab and Fight Quality are both very reliable sources and very approachable if you would like to drop them a message and make an enquiry about what they can do then I don’t hesitate in doing so.

Check out the article that the lads over at FQ have written is breaks the review down into many different categories; the brand, about the gloves, weight and distribution, visuals, materials, craftsmanship, comfort of use, cost and pros and cons. So, as you can see the review is in-depth and as detailed as the effort that has gone into making the Fightlab Flo Muay Thai Boxing Glove.

Fightlab Flo Muay Thai Boxing Gloves Review

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